Genoa vs. Napoli, Preview: Genoa look to break three-match scoreless streak

Giuseppe Bellini

Genoa haven't scored a goal in their last three matches -- and now they face the side with the stingiest defense in Serie A. Worse yet, Napoli have Edinson Cavani back from injury.

The eyes scans over the sidelines of the Marassi, searching out their prey. Near the dugout, Luigi Delneri stands as still as possible. Perhaps, if he manages to not even breathe, Enrico Preziosi won't notice his presence. And then the Genoa president won't be able to fire Delneri. With no other threads to grasp, the manager clings to this slim hope.

Since taking over from Luigi De Cano after AS Roma beat Genoa 4-2, Delneri's side have yet to score a goal. Sure, they've held the opposition to just a goal each in the last three matches, but when your side is hovering just one point above the relegation zone, wins become important. And it's a bit tough to get wins without getting goals (although one imagines that, in Italy, someone might find a way to make this happen).

If a side wants to score goals, they'd not choose to play Napoli. Despite slipping down into third and managing just a point from Atalanta and Torino, the partenopei still have the best defense in Serie A. Unfortunately for Genoa, Walter Mazzarri is unlikely to risk putting Salvatore Aronica on the pitch, not after he gifted the equalizer to Torino last week.

Even more unfortunately for the home side, Napoli have Edinson Cavani back to full health -- and full magic. The Uruguayan missed the last two matches due to injury, but single-footedly destroyed Dnipro in the Europa League. El Matador scored first, but the Ukrainians came back to take a 2-1 lead. Then Cavani scored three goals in the final 15 minutes, including an extra, just-for-fun goal in the 93rd minute. Who cares if Napoli are a one-man act, if the one man is this fantastic?

Genoa Injuries and Suspensions

Marco Borriello, Damiano Ferronetti, Cristobal Jorquera, and Juan Manuel Vargas (injured); Cesare Bovo (suspended)

Wasn't Marco Borriello supposed to score 20 goals this season for Genoa? He's got three goals in seven matches, but has missed the last three games and won't play this weekend. That'll leave him 26 matches for 17 goals. Good luck, buddy.

Napoli Injuries and Suspensions

Juan Camilo Zúñiga (in doubt)

If Zúñiga's still hurting, Andrea Dossena will play on the wing. Yay!

Match Date / Time: Sunday, November 11 at 3 p.m. local, 9 a.m. ET

Venue: Stadio Luigi Ferraris

TV: Sky Calcio 3; beIN Sport en Español (US). I wonder if this station examines rosters and chooses the match likely to feature the most Spanish speakers?

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