HARRISON, NJ - APRIL 17: Juan Pablo Angel #9 of the New York Red Bulls remonstrates with the referee following a goal being disallowed for offside against the FC Dallas during the match at Red Bull Arena on April 17, 2010 in Harrison, New Jersey. The Red Bulls defeated Dallas 2-1. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

Several Big Names Picked, But Not All, In Second Stage Of MLS Re-Entry Draft

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Hot Time In Old Town: There's Reason To Be Excited About Fire's Drafting Of Cory Gibbs

To many New England Revolution fans, Cory Gibbs was an aging, overpaid defender on one of the worst defense's in MLS. Few tears were likely shed when he chose to enter the Re-Entry Draft.

To Hot Time In Old Town's Tweed Thornton, whose Fire picked Gibbs, there's reason for excitement. The Fire, after all, are poised to lose a boatload of experience this offseason and that's one thing Gibbs has plenty of.

The difference between the amount of soccer knowledge on the 2010 roster versus the 2011 roster will be staggering.  You can't buy that kind of veteran experience (unless you are the Los Angeles Galaxy although we still aren't sure how they will be paying for everyone).  Cory Gibbs has played in four different national leagues and has international experience with the United States National Men's Team.  In fact, his 19 caps make him the most internationally capped player on the team.

Gibbs probably won't be a huge boost to the Fire, but considering this is a team that was poised to roll out a defense that features almost no experience, it's not hard to see how this is a step in the right direction.


Big D Soccer: Schellas Hyndman Continues FC Dallas House-Cleaning

Perhaps lost in all the action on Wednesday was this little nugget: With the loss of Jeff Cunningham, FC Dallas has just one player who made a MLS appearance on the team prior to coach Schellas Hyndman's hiring. Brek Shea, who is apparently drawing interest from Atletico Madrid, is the only significant holdover from the pre-Hyndman era.

As Daniel Robertson of Big D Soccer points out, the recent departures of Atiba Harris and Dax McCarty in the Expansion Draft and Cunningham in the Re-Entry Draft also clears about $500,000 of salary cap space. That's money Robertson would like to see spent on re-signing David Ferreira. Combined with the acquisition of goalkeeper Chris Seitz - in exchange for a 2012 fourth-round pick - it was a day filled with promise despite the Toros not selecting a player in the draft.

They improved at a position they needed to at a low cost while having someone else make a tough decision for them with regards to Jeff Cunningham. What's clear is it doesn't look like FC Dallas is too interested in improving their team from within MLS so keep on the look out for international signings.


Dynamo Theory: Re-Entry Draft Felt Like A Swap Meet

The Re-Entry Draft was pretty clearly a step forward for MLS. For the first time in the league's history, players are free to reject a team's offer and still have a reasonable hope of finding employment.

Unfortunately, the draft did not play out in a particularly easy to watch or follow format. The whole thing took less than 15 minutes and players were moving around faster than any outside observer could reasonably follow.

As Dynamo Theory's Zach Woosley pointed out, it was a bit of a mess.

It's not that I don't think the Re-Entry Draft worked or that it could be the first step in eventually getting the players true free agency rights, I'm just forced to once again shake my head at another hard to explain cluster&!#@ produced by MLS. As if two Western Conference teams in the Eastern Conference Final wasn't bad enough, the league has managed to create a player movement system that best resembles a swap meet.

There are a few ways MLS could address some of Woosley's complaints. For one, they could cover the event live rather than rely on Twitter to relay the messages. For another, it might be worthwhile to limit the trading of picks and players. Maybe they could cut trading off 10 minutes before the draft starts and not allow teams to trade players until the draft is over.

It wouldn't be perfect, but at least it would make some sense.


The Daily Wiz Says Goodbye To A Pair Of Legends

No matter how much of a foregone conclusion the departures of Josh Wolff and Jimmy Conrad may have been, the reality is they had played a combined 15 seasons in Kansas City and were significant contributors for the vast majority of that time. That said, Andy Edwards of The Daily Wiz, was a little more focused on what Sporting Kansas City gained by their departures: salary-cap space.

The two players made about $450,000 between them last year and it's looking like that money may actually end up going toward a second Designated Player, as coach Peter Vermes alluded to today.

Edwards was perhaps even more ecstatic about what today's events mean for Michael Harrington. For a short time, it appeared as if SKC was going to bring Frankie Hejduk in to compete for the right back position. But after a trade to the Los Angeles Galaxy for Luke Sassano, Harrington's path to playing time once again appears clear.

I've made it no secret that Harrington is one of my, if not the, favorite player on this team and that there are very few better at his position in MLS. Having him defending the wide areas on the right in 2011 is absolutely necessary if SKC fans have any hopes of postseason play next season.

Then, about four hours later, Hejduk was sent to LA for Sassano. Whether Sporting received a young player like Sassano in return or a bag of old soccer balls, I immediately felt better about the rightback situation. Not because I don't like Hejduk, (he's a US national team legend, for crying out loud) but because Frankie wasn't brought in to take Harrington's spot.


Wild 15 Minutes: Juan Pablo Angel Picked By Los Angeles Galaxy, 10 Others Selected In MLS Re-Entry Draft

The second stage of the MLS Re-Entry Draft didn't last much longer than the first, but there was a lot more action during the 15-minute session. DC United opened the draft be selecting Josh Wolff and the New England Revolution were the only team that selected two players (Ryan Cochrane and Fred). But it was the Los Angeles Galaxy who made the biggest splash by trading a fourth-round SuperDraft pick in 2014 to the Houston Dynamo to move up to the fourth spot of the Re-Entry Draft that was used to select Juan Pablo Angel.

If the Galaxy can come to terms with Angel that could create an attacking core that features Edson Buddle, Angel, David Beckham and Landon Donovan. The only obvious way this could work from a salary cap perspective, though, is for Angel to be made the team's third Designated Player and then pay down his cap hit significantly with allocation money.

Among the other notable players selected in the Re-Entry Draft were Jimmy Conrad (Chivas USA), Cory Gibbs (Chicago Fire), Frankie Hejduk (Sporting Kansas City) and Jeff Cunningham (Columbus Crew). Gibbs and Wolff have already reportedly agreed to contracts.

Former DPs Claudio Lopez and Guillermo Barros Schelotto and all-time leading goal scorer Jaime Moreno were among the players that went unselected. All three were rumored to be mulling retirement or exploring other options and this likely signals the ends of their MLS careers.

Another notable player that did not get picked was Dema Kovalenko, who is just 33 years old and is coming off starting in all three of the Galaxy's playoff games. At his 2010 salary of about $140,000 he was undoubtedly overpriced, but his not being selected seems to suggest he was probably unwilling to take a significant pay cut during negotiations.

All players that went unselected in the draft are now essentially free agents and can sign with teams on a first come, first serve basis. If teams can not come to terms with players they selected within seven days, those players will also essentially become free agents. If the selecting teams made a "bonafide" offer, they will retain the chance to match other teams' contract offers.

Selected Players
D.C. United: Josh Wolff
Chivas USA: Jimmy Conrad
New England Revolution: Ryan Cochrane, Fred
LA Galaxy: Juan Pablo Angel
Chicago Fire: Cory Gibbs
Sporting KC: Frankie Hejduk
Seattle Sounders: Chris Seitz
Columbus Crew: Jeff Cunningham
LA Galaxy: Luke Sassano
Colorado Rapids: Tyrone Marshall

Unselected Players
Marcelo Saragosa, Alex Zotinca, Claudio Lopez, Ciaran O'Brien, Peter Vagenas , Duncan Oughton, Gino Padula, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Jaime Moreno, Dario Sala, Richard Mulrooney, Pat Onstad, Adrian Serioux, Dema Kovalenko, Preston Burpo, Nico ColalucaKhano Smith, Carey Talley, Khari Stephenson, Nick Garcia


A Quick Reminder: Second Stage Of MLS's Re-Entry Draft Rules

In all the talk of who is available and how much they'll cost, there have been some smaller details easily overlooked about Wednesday's second stage of the MLS Re-Entry Draft (2 p.m. Eastern). At this point, we know about the 32 players who are available. I even tried to make sense of how much salary cap room each team has remaining.

Now, we'll look at how those players are going to be picked:

  • All 18 teams (including the Portland Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps) will take turns picking until all the players have been chosen or all the teams have chosen not to pick at least once. If a team chooses to skip their turn, they are no longer eligible to make later picks.
  • The order of the draft is reverse order of finish with DC United picking first, the Whitecaps drafting in the No. 17 spot and the Timbers drafting in the No. 18 spot. Neither the Whitecaps nor Timbers are likely to make many picks since both were allowed to renegotiate contracts with players chosen in the Expansion Draft, which is basically the same rules they as this draft.
  • Once a team chooses a player, that team has seven days to make a "bonafide" offer. What, exactly, that means has yet to be determined. In any case, if no agreement can be reached after seven days other teams are able to sign him on a first come, first serve basis. Assuming the team has made a "bonafide" offer, the team has "rights of first refusal," which basically means they will be given the chance to match other teams' offers.

The first stage of the Re-Entry Draft was largely uneventful, with just two players being chosen. This was mainly the product of teams being forced to pick up the options or at least grant raises the players being chosen.

Players chosen in the second stage can have their contracts renegotiated. The significant difference from years past is that teams can no longer sit on a player's rights if no deal can be reached. The old setup severely limited player movement as teams ran no risk of losing a player's rights without being compensated.


Black And Red United: Jimmy Conrad Seems Most Likely Top Pick In Re-Entry Draft

It really shouldn't have been all that surprising that the first stage of the MLS Re-Entry Draft was a snoozer. Supposedly, many of the players were due huge raises if their options had been picked up and most of them were already making significant money.

In the second stage, however, picking teams can renegotiate the contracts. With that in mind, Black And Red United's Chest Rockwell sees some attractive targets.

Rockwell admits a personal preference for acquiring Juan Pablo Angel, but sees Jimmy Conrad as a more likely target.

Our defense needs a vocal leader, and Conrad is the best player in that mold available in the Re-Entry Draft. It doesn't hurt that Conrad can also play a bit, as his 28 caps for the United states, his 2005 Defender of the Year award and his 2005, 2006, and 2008 MLS Best XI nods all confirm. His age is a concern, but he was second in minutes played for the former Wizards this past season and appears to still be fit enough to make a difference.

Picking Conrad, though, would not address United's biggest problem last year: scoring goals. In this case, Rockwell suggests United may set their sights on Jeff Cunningham.

That would set up an interesting situation, as Cunningham currently trails DC United Jaime Moreno by one goal on the MLS all-time list. Moreno has not officially retired and is also available in the Re-Entry Draft, but there are few indications he'll play next season. Cunningham would then be in a position to pass one of the most-beloved players in United history while wearing the DC shirt.

Rockwell doesn't necessarily seem to like this prospect, but does acknowledge it's "an option we must consider."


Second Stage Of MLS Re-Entry Draft Features Most Of Same Players

Jovan Kirovski is the only player who was unexpectedly left off the list of names eligible for the second stage of Wednesday's Re-Entry Draft. The list was 35 names long for last Wednesday's first stage and was whittled down to 32. Kirovski has apparently agreed to renegotiate his contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy.

This stage of the Re-Entry Draft is expected to be considerably more active than the first when just two players, Joseph Ngwenya and Aaron Hohlbein, were taken. In the first stage, players had to be picked up at their option price, which often means the players were due significant raises. In this stage, the picking teams are permitted to renegotiate terms.

If the teams and players can't come to terms, the teams will retain rights of first refusal, but the players are free to seek other deals. The Re-Entry Draft and this small step toward free agency were two of the major concessions players won during their Collective Bargaining prior to the start of last season.

In previous years, if players and teams could not come to terms, the teams retained the rights of those players into perpetuity unless they chose to relinquish them. This considerably limited players negotiating power. While this is still a far cry from the free agency we see in almost every other American sports league, it does give MLS players an opportunity to test their market value.

While many of the players eligible for these drafts were not particularly attractive at their original option prices, almost every player would seem to have a decent chance of being selected in this draft where teams are essentially just picking players to earn a seven-day negotiating window. Among the particularly notable players available are former Designated Players Guillermo Barros Schelotto and Juan Pablo Angel, former Golden Boot winner Jeff Cunningham and former Best XI defender Jimmy Conrad.

List of eligible players

Chivas USA: Marcelo Saragosa, Alex Zotinca
Colorado Rapids: Claudio Lopez, Ciaran O'Brien, Peter Vagenas
Columbus Crew: Frankie Hejduk, Duncan Oughton, Gino Padula, Guillermo Barros Schelotto
DC United: Jaime Moreno
FC Dallas:
Jeff Cunningham, Dario Sala
Houston Dynamo:
Ryan Cochrane, Richard Mulrooney, Pat Onstad, Adrian Serioux
Los Angeles Galaxy: Dema Kovalenko
New England Revolution: Preston Burpo, Nico Colaluca, Cory Gibbs, Khano Smith
New York Red Bulls: Juan Pablo Angel, Luke Sassano, Carey Talley
Philadelphia Union: Fred, Chris Seitz
San Jose Earthquakes: Khari Stephenson
Seattle Sounders: Tyrone Marshall
Sporting Kansas City: Jimmy Conrad, Josh Wolff
Toronto FC: Nick Garcia

Chris Sharpe (League Pool Goalkeeper)

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