David Beckham may be going on loan after all, as he's expressed an interest to join Tottenham. Now the trick will be getting the Los Angeles Galaxy and MLS to agree. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

David Beckham's Winter Loan: Becks Set To Begin Training With Tottenham Hotspur

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David Beckham Completes Tottenham Hotspur Medical, Will Train With First Team On Tuesday

The will he or won't he saga continues to play out like a book you've read before, each chapter strangely familiar until the conclusion proves what you already knew. That said, David Beckham arrived at Spurs lodge Monday morning to complete a medical, didn't talk to the media and is set for a return to Tottenham's Chigwell training ground for a run out with the first team on Tuesday.

Beckham's time with the Premier League side will only last until 10 February, a short stint of only four weeks as the one time England captain looks to keep himself fit during the MLS off season. Spurs began negotiations with MLS club Los Angeles Galaxy last week hoping to secure Beckham for two months, but yesterday announced that Beckham's time with Spurs may be limited to a training only role and not one where Beckham will actually play.

Rumors emerged on the Guardian that Spurs were unwilling to pay the portion of Beckham's wages that the Galaxy were demanding. Coupled with the financial aspect of a loan deal, the Galaxy are also concerned that Beckham could again get injured if he saw time in the physical Premier League after suffering a torn achilles while on loan with AC Milan last season. After 10 February, Beckham will return to the Galaxy for pre-season training.


David Beckham May Be Loaned To Spurs Until Feb. 10, Harry Redknapp Says

The world of David Beckham continues to turn on its own orbit. Just as reports were surfacing that "insurance issues" had put the kibosh on a potential loan to Tottenham, coach Harry Redknapp is now saying a deal may be possible.

It appears as if a loan would only be until Feb. 10, when the Galaxy have indicated they want Beckham to return. Rather than just train with Tottenham, as previously reported, Beckham has said he would rather be allowed to play.

"We hope it could still happen. The situation is ongoing. It's being done above my head," Redknapp said.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Tottenham is deciding whether such a short-term loan - about a month - would make sense for them as they pursue a second straight berth in the Champions League. Tottenham currently sits fourth in the table, one point ahead of Chelsea. They are also preparing for the Round of 16 in this year's tournament, in which they'll play AC Milan on Feb. 15.


David Beckham Tottenham Loan Falls Through, He'll Return To Los Angeles Galaxy

It appears the off-season loan soap opera swirling David Beckham is over as Tottenham and the Los Angeles Galaxy weren't able to come to terms. The big sticking point was apparently insurance, according to comments Tottenham coach Harry Redknapp made to Sky Sports News. Beckham will continue to train with the north London team until Feb. 10.

"He will be a great influence around the place and I am sure we will all benefit from his winning mentality," Redknapp said in a statement. "I think everyone will enjoy having him here. We'd love to have him here for longer, but respect his commitments to LA Galaxy.

"They wanted him back in early February so that made it difficult to do a playing deal on the basis of three weeks."

The Galaxy are understandably wary of allowing the highest paid player in MLS history to go out on loan for a third straight off-season. Two years ago, he played 18 matches for AC Milan, but only managed to play 15 the following season for the Galaxy. Last year, again with Milan, he tore his Achilles tendon and missed the bulk of the MLS regular season. Beckham is now 35 and entering the final year of his MLS contract.


David Beckham May Be Released From L.A. Galaxy - But Only To Train With A Club, Most Likely Spurs

While Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle are interested in securing the services of David Beckham it seems most likely that the midfielder will wind up with Tottenham Hotspur, where he trained as a boy. Should Los Angeles agree to the loan, Beckham could face his former club, Manchester United, in just a few weeks, on January 16.

However, that’s likely jumping the gun. The Los Angeles Galaxy are understandably wary when it comes to releasing the star power of Beckham on loan. After all, the last time the club took such a risk, Becks tore his Achilles and missed almost the entire MLS season. This time around, the Galaxy are anxious to have him ready for the season opener, on March 15 against Seattle Sounders.

Rather than playing for a club, then, it may just be that Beckham trains with one for the next two months. It would allow him to stay fit and to find his way back into the England squad—a desire that Beckham has expressed on multiple occasions.


Alexi Lalas Questions David Beckham Loan Ambitions, Says Galaxy Star's 'Taken A Tremendous Amount Out Of Major League Soccer'

Alexi Lalas is skeptical of another David Beckham loan, and understandably so. The last time the Galaxy midfielder went out on loan, the 35-year-old tore his Achilles, causing him to miss practically all of the 2010 season. Ostensibly, that was in preparation for the World Cup, and although we hear that a new loan spell would be to regain the form he lost during his long layoff, the rationale is far more brow furrowing.

After all, Major League Soccer does observe a preseason as well as a long regular season that, acting as a post-season qualifying tournament, gives Beckham a chance to get in shape. Galaxy were fine without Beckham for most of 2010. They may not need him at the beginning of 2011. While it's easy to buy into the logic that Beckham's presence would have buffered against Los Angeles's second half swoon, that swoon only cost them momentum. The team still has the 2010 Supporters' Shield.

All of which is to say that Beckham doesn't appear to have a reason to go out on loan. Oh, except this one: To play football at a high level, possibly for a world renown team. You know: What almost every kid dreams of doing when they're young? While those dreams have to be balanced against his obligations to the Galaxy. it's not hard to empathize with Beckham's want to be loaned out.

But striking that balance exposes inconsistencies, fosters bitter feelings from Major League Soccer fans who've never enjoyed a good relationship with the league's biggest star. At some point, David Beckham has to give up his dreams, some might say. Many MLS fans feed Beckham agreed to do so when he signed-on with the Galaxy.

Lalas summarized those feelings today, speaking to the BBC's 5 Live:

But Lalas told BBC 5 live: "American soccer fans say David Beckham has given a lot, but he's also taken a tremendous amount out of Major League Soccer."

"The reason David Beckham went over to Milan was to prepare, in theory for the World Cup," he added.

"I think that was commendable and understandable to a certain extent - but now it is happening once again."

Lalas also drew a contrast between Landon Donovan's choice not to go out on loan and the rumors surrounding Beckham:

I have been playing nearly non-stop for the past two years and I believe that this decision will allow me to perform at my best for the Galaxy," he said in December.

"When Landon Donovan comes out and says that it certainly puts pressure on David Beckham," added Lalas.

As much as a brief radio interview can, that even-handed portrayal helped highlight the underscoring a Beckham loan.

Lalas put the Milan dalliance into the appropriate context, though many fans in the States still harbor ill-will toward Beckham's willingness to miss Galaxy matches for Serie A. Beckham cited the honor of playing for Milan, something many fans inferred as turning his back on Major League Soccer, further widening a fissure which, opened by The Beckham Experiment, Backham's never tried to close.

Even those who empathized with Beckham on Milan will have trouble supporting a new loan. While playing for a club like Tottenham Hotspur or Bayern Munich would be another eye-grabbing line on an exemplary resumé, it's difficult to reconcile the timing: coming off an injury, no World Cup to prepare for, and needing to rebuild his relationship with fans. If Beckham goes out on loan, we can assume he's elected to deprioritize the latter.


Daily Soccer Fix: Don't Expect David Beckham To Go Anywhere

It's hard to figure out a way in which the Los Angeles Galaxy loaning out David Beckham during the mLS offseason make a lot of sense, at least from an on-field perspective. They did it two years ago, and only got 15 matches (including playoffs) out of the league's highest paid player. They did it again last offseason, and watched Beckham suffer an injury that cost him most of the season. At 35, the Galaxy must realize the chances of another loan doing anything to help their MLS Cup hopes just isn't realistic.

Based mostly on those facts, Daily Soccer Fix's Steve Davis expects Galaxy boss Bruce Arena to end loan speculation and soon. While the rumors, both real and potentially planted, may be good for building Beckham's brand, they aren't really doing anything good for the Galaxy.

Arena has no problem being the bad guy in these situations. I don’t mean that is a disparaging way. His job is to look out for the Galaxy’s interest, and I think he’s well within his rights – check that, it’s his duty – to stand up against Brand Beckham handlers and yes men and say, "No, we’re not loaning Beckham, it doesn’t do a thing for us."

This is the final year on his contract and the window on this aging team is closing fast. Making sure they have a healthy Beckham has to be one of the Galaxy's top off-season goals. For all the fanfare he's brought to the team and league, he has yet to deliver the team's third MLS Cup. You can hardly blame the Galaxy if they think loaning Beckham is against their best interests.


Blackburn Rovers Confirm David Beckham Interest

This weekend Sky Sports News had an obvious observation, one that bared repeating. David Beckham has a lot of suitors around the world. Given the chance at three months of service from one of the world's biggest football brands, almost any club would buy a red carpet to roll out for him The SSN punditry then intimated Becks could be bound for Germany, an idea Rafael Honigstein entertained at Sport Illustrated, providing context on a possible (though highly-unlikely) move to Bayern Munich.

Amongst the lower profile aspirants, Blackburn Rovers would certainly benefit from a Beckham sojourn, though landing him is a much longer shot than bagging Ronaldinho, another interest point the Venky's confirmed earlier today. Beckham's reportedly an exemplary teammate and would be a short term move (with a proportional financial commitment). Ronaldinho is a much larger commitment. Whereas the Brazilian is a fit for an ambitious upstart, Beckham also fits in with an established team. Say, Spurs.

So while the Venky's confirmation puts them in the queue, they're unlikely to be picked from it, no matter how wide Venky's chairwoman Anuradha Desai opens the door. From the BBC:

Desai also revealed that Rovers had made attempts to sign David Beckham, 35, on loan from Los Angeles Galaxy.

She added the club were "open whenever he is ready to come".

Spurs or Blackburn? London or Lancashire? Champions League or potentially a bigger, though limited, payday? Put yourself in Beckham's Calvins, and this is less compelling than one of his wife's old concerts. Regardless, Blackburn's again got their club in the news.


David Beckham Wants To Play At Tottenham, Harry Redknapp Says

Harry Redknapp says David Beckham wants to play for Tottenham, and the Spurs manager is trying to convince ownership to spend the money it would bring him on a loan. The Los Angeles Galaxy have previously said they don't intend to send their highly paid midfielder on loan this MLS offseason, in light of the injury he suffered while on loan to AC Milan last offseason, but could conceivably be convinced if the price was right.

"He just said that he would like to come and play here at Tottenham," Redknapp said, according to an AP report. "I've left it to the people at the club. I've passed it on to them. They're talking to whoever they have to talk to at his club."

Beckham, himself, has previously said the only EPL team he'd want to play for is Manchester United. But since they have not expressed any interest in bringing back their former star, Beckham has expressed a desire to go on loan to another European team. Still one of the most recognizable faces in all of soccer, the 35-year-old is apparently trying to bolster his chances of once again playing for the England National Team with whom he has 115 caps.

Tottenham, the first team for which Beckham played, would seem to be a good fit. They are currently sitting in fourth, just two points clear of rival Chelsea, but having played one more match. They are also preparing to play AC Milan, coincidentally enough, in the Champions League Round of 16 in February. Beckham would likely be brought in to provide more a late-game steadying influence and bolster the team's depth.

"He'd be a good influence to have, the type of lad you want at your club, and he'd give the whole place a lift," Redknapp said. "He's been a fantastic player and he is someone the players would look up to and respect. "It's not as if he's suddenly lost blistering pace. He makes the ball do it and plays around people."

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