January Transfer Goodness: Imagining Someone In Karim Benzema's Place At Real Madrid

January transfer window rumors are always a blast, and a very high percentage of them seem to center around Real Madrid, every single year. This year, because Gonzalo Higuain is out for six months with an injury and Karim Benzema has been an abject disappointment, those rumors are centered around strikers. Of course, Benzema could go drop bombs against Getafe tonight and squash the rumors of a new, high priced signing arriving at the Santiago Bernabeu, but it's way more fun to speculate about what might happen if Benzema is atrocious tonight and Getafe takes all three points. So, without any further ado, here are some guys who you should imagine playing in place of Karim Benzema tonight.

Edin Dzeko

The Wolfsburg superstar is currently linked with a move to Manchester City and has been open with his desire to move to Juventus, but you can't tell me Real are incapable of swooping in and sealing Dzeko's signature. Florentino Perez might be willing to match Manchester City's £27m bid, and Dzeko would have a hard time saying no to Los Merengues. He would be sick in Real Madrid's setup. At least 20 goals a year, take it to the bank.

Fernando Llorente

Athletic Bilbao's towering striker seems to be a fixture in the Spain setup for competitive matches these days, and he's been getting it done in the Basque Country for years. Though his team was disappointing in their loss, as a whole yesterday, Llorente was probably the best player on the pitch, as he often is. He's not quite as flashy as Dzeko, but he's also not quite as expensive, most likely, and he's already familiar with La Liga.

Luis Suarez

He's hardly the towering No. 9 that a lot of the guys on this list are, but then again, neither is Gonzalo Higuain. Suarez is much more of a trickster than the other possibilities, and he can fill in on the wings as needed, which gives him some added value. If Higuain comes back and Angel di Maria is either injured or in poor form, there will still be a place for Suarez.

Edinson Cavani

Cavani is almost certainly the most inconsistent of the players on this list, but he's only 23 years old and his flashes of brilliance are blindingly bright. The number tossed around for obtaining his services is usually around £20m, which seems reasonable to me. He might do more to set up his teammates than the other guys on this list.

Diego Milito

Mourinho has a history with him and he's not producing at Inter like he did last season. Since he's fallen out of favor and now 31 years old, the Argentine might be available for a reasonable price. He hasn't shown his great finishing skills at all this season, but this could have something to do with Eto'o taking his normal place. As the cheapest option on this list, Milito wouldn't be a bad pickup.

Andy Carroll

Admit it. You laughed.

Abby Wambach

I actually think this would work.

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