ROME, ITALY - MAY 29: Samuel Eto'o of Inter Milan celebrates scoring the second goal during the Tim Cup final between FC Internazionale Milano and US Citta di Palermo at Olimpico Stadium on May 29, 2011 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

Sinisa Mihajlovic Says No To Inter Milan, Leaving The Nerazzurri Desperate For A Coach

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Sinisa Mihajlovic Latest To Turn Down Inter Milan

Sinisa Mihajlovic has announced he intends to stay on as coach of Fiorentina, despite being courted by Inter Milan. The statement on the official Fiorentina website says that Mihajlovic hopes to continue on with the Viola for many more years. Which, when you think about it, doesn't absolutely mean that the Serb won't up and leave tomorrow, considering the number of times coaches have professed loyalty only to resign the next day.

But Mihajlovic sounds convincing at least, so if we take him at his word, what are Inter left with? Rumors persist that director Marco Branca was in Portugal to speak with Andre Villas-Boas, but of course those whispers directly contradict those saying that the Porto manager refused a meeting with Inter. The nerazzurri are now making attempts to reassure the public by insisting that an announcement will come "soon," although of course they are unable to name any names just yet.


Porto Coach Andre Villas-Boas Thumbs His Nose At Inter Milan

First former Argentina and Chile national coach Marcelo Bielsa turned down the advances of Inter Milan. Allegedly the club did not approach Carlo Ancelotti, possibly because they already knew the answer would be no. Now Portuguese media are reporting that Porto manager Andre Villas-Boas has rejected the nerazzurri as well. 

With Leonardo having quit to take on the role of director of sport at Paris Saint-Germain, Inter are desperate to find someone willing to coach their side -- a task you'd think would be easy for a club that won the treble two seasons ago and finished second in Serie A last season. Instead, it's as though Massimo Moratti is the class nerd, approaching the cheerleaders and the homecoming queen and wondering why he's getting turned down for dates. Apparently Villas-Boas wouldn't even take a meeting with the Inter president.

It seems Inter will now need to simply cross their fingers and hope that Fiorentina allow Sinisa Mihajlovic to leave the club. Otherwise, it may be down to Gian Piero Gasperini.


Inter Milan Doggedly Pursue A New Coach, With Sinisa Mihajlovic And Andre Villas-Boas Looking Most Likely

It's barely been a month since the 2010-2011 season ended in Serie A, yet we've already seen more managerial shuffles than fanny packs in Florence. Eight top-flight clubs have changed coaches, with the most notable being Antonio Conte taking charge at Juventus and Luis Enrique at Roma. Of course, none of these changes has occurred without hours, days, or even weeks of speculation, of names being pulled out of a hat, of former players being put forth as possible replacements. It's easy to understand the managerial merry-go-round when a club has underperformed: even if it's a big name, it may be tough to woo a mister of any prestige.

But then there's the curious case of Inter Milan. Under-performers at the beginning of last season, sure. But Leonardo took the treble-winners from seventh place in January up to second at the end of the season, winning the Coppa Italia along the way. Sure, it's a bit of a let-down after the previous season, but Inter are still one of the biggest names in world football -- so why on earth are they having so many difficulties finding a new coach?

The trouble started when it was announced that Leonardo was leaving to take on the role of sporting director at Paris Saint-Germain. At first Massimo Moratti denied the Brazilian was on his way out, only to turn around the next day to say Inter had approached Marcelo Bielsa. Yet the former Argentina and Chile coach turned down the nerazzurri. The next rumor was that Inter wanted former Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti, but Moratti insists he has not been approached.

Now Inter are apparently playing the waiting game with Fiorentina, having approached Viola coach Sinisa Mihajlovic. Some sources say Fiorentina have already rejected Inter's advances, considering Mihajlovic still has a year remaining on his contract. Others are convinced there's already a deal in place, and that the formal announcement will be made on Monday. And then there's the third camp, that think Fior will give up Mihajlovic only if Inter can't secure a different coach by the end of the weekend.

The strongest candidate at the moment seems to be Andre Villas-Boas, despite the fact that he's insisted he will remain at Porto -- or perhaps it's just the €15m buyout clause in his contract that's keeping other clubs at bay. However, the buyout clause is said to be moot if Porto sells a player along with their manager, so if Inter buy Falcao as well, Villas-Boas could be the new coach. Should the nerazzurri not manage to land Villas-Boas, their other options seem to be Delio Rossi or Gian Piero Gasperini.

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