MADRID SPAIN - JANUARY 13: Sergio Aguero of Atletico Madrid reacts during the Copa del Rey quarter final first leg match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on January 13 2011 in Madrid Spain. (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

Sergio Aguero Joins Manchester City Despite Carlos Tevez Deal Falling Through

Although the Carlos Tevez to Corinthians rumors have died, Manchester City have completed the purchase of Sergio 'Kun' Aguero from Atletico Madrid for £35M.

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Manchester City Confirm Sergio Agüero Signing

Manchester City have confirmed the signing of Argentinean striker Sergio Aguero, for an undisclosed amount thought to be either £35m or £38m. Aguero, whose nickname is Kun, and is the son in law of Diego Maradona, joins City after 5 seasons at Atletico Madrid, where he made 234 appearances and scored 102 goals. He signs a 5 year deal at City, thought to be around £200,000 a week, and is likely to be in City’s squad for this weekend’s Dublin Super Cup.

Aguero was thought to be a replacement for Carlos Tevez, and completed the deal even after Corinthians’ move for Tevez had fell through. Aguero joins the aforementioned Tevez, Edin Dzeko and Mario Balotelli, giving City one of the best, if not the best strike force in the Premier League. With 4 strikers who will all see themselves as worthy of a first XI place, Roberto Mancini may have to change his trusted 4-2-3-1 or play one of his strikers out of place on the left, in order to keep everyone satisfied. If he can keep the likes of Mario Balotelli and Carlos Tevez happy, expect City to be challenging for the Premier League title, and quite possibly be a force in Europe.


Sergio Aguero Joins Manchester City

Despite Corinthans' proposed Carlos Tevez purchase falling through, Manchester City are pressing on with their own buy of Atletico Madrid forward Sergio 'Kun' Aguero. It now sounds as though Kun is definitely on his way to the Etihad Stadium, with Roberto Mancini and company paying £35M for the pleasure of his company over the next few years:

#mcfc have agreed a £35m fee with Atletico Madrid for Sergio Aguero. Player en route from Buenos Aires to Ardwick.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


This looks like a fantastic deal for City, securing an elite player for a fair price. It's been well known that Aguero had been agitating for a move away from Atletico for some time, and after a strong Copa America, the pressure on the La Liga club was simply too great to resist a bid. City will be getting someone who can play more than competently as a centre forward, number ten, and on either side. It's a very good piece of business for a club looking to make a major push for the Premier League title.


Carlos Tevez Corinthians Deal Falls Through

Corinthians have given up on their pursuit of Carlos Tevez, according to a press release on their official website. This news would not be a surprise if Manchester City had not announced less than 48 hours ago that they had, in fact, reached a deal with the Brazilian club to take the wantaway Argentina striker off their hands, but they did and now the whole saga somehow looks even more nonsensical. Allow me to summarise:

  • Corinthians claim they have a lot of cash, offer more than £30M for Tevez.
  • Manchester City reject the bid, valuing Tevez at £50M.
  • Everyone in the world questions how on earth Corinthians can afford Tevez's transfer fees and/or wages.
  • Corinthians raise their bid to an eventual £39M.
  • Manchester City accept that bid, ask for money so that they can buy Sergio Aguero.
  • Corinthians can't give them money, because they don't have any.
  • Deal falls through.
  • Brazilian transfer window closes.

If that sounds totally above board to anyone of you, I have a slightly used, grumpy Argentina international to sell. Caution! Gets even surlier in the rain; hates playing football.


Carlos Tevez Move To Corinthians Falling Apart Over Payment Plan

The Carlos Tevez saga just will not come to an end. The striker's £40m move to Corinthians looked like it was a done deal, then was thrown into a state of flux and now the Brazilian club says they are "pessimistic" a deal will get done. One of Tevez' representatives called the deal "unlikely" and it appears as if the financial structure of the deal is what will keep the transfer from happening.

City are demanding £8.7 million in immediate payment with the remaining money for the fee paid out over time. While that is only a fraction of the total fee, Corinthians cannot pay that up front. That isn't a complete surprise considering that the transfer would double the Brazilian record transfer fee and more than quadruple Corinthians biggest ever transfer. City is also asking for bank guarantees on the fee.

Corinthians deputy director of football Dullio Monteiro Alves confirmed that the initial payment is the biggest road block right now, saying, "I'm pessimistic. City want us to start the payments now, and we cannot do that."

After more than a year of his asking for a transfer and discontent with Manchester City it appeared as if it would all come to an end with a move to Corinthians. City manager Roberto Mancini even said that they had agreed to a fee with Corinthians. That seemed to have been the final step in Tevez's move back to South America, where he would like to go, but then Corinthians said there were still hurdles. Now it looks like those hurdles will keep the deal from going through.

The Brazilian transfer window closes on Wednesday so there isn't much time for Corinthians and City to finalize the deal. The deal is not completely dead and the two sides will speak again, but there is a very clear and significant gap that the two must bridge.

"Unfortunately, the negotiations at the moment are unlikely to end with an arrangement for Corinthians," one of Tevez's representatives Adrian Ruocco said. "The only thing that is stopping the transfer is this issue of the first installment. But let's wait until Wednesday, as it's the only thing we can do." 

With this deal looking dead it appears as if the world will be subjected to at least another five months of Tevez wanting out of Eastlands, City demanding more money in the fee and nobody being able to match it. There will be pouting and fighting between Tevez and Mancini. It will all get even more tiresome, except to City supporters, who will be thrilled to see him back in blue and resuming his duties as the English Premier League's top striker.


No Deal For Carlos Tevez Yet, Say Corinthians

On Monday morning, Roberto Mancini apparently told reporters that a deal had been agreed to sell Carlos Tevez to Corinthians in Brazil, ending a weeks-long pursuit of the Argentina striker. All was set for the subsequent acquisition of Sergio Aguero, then? Not quite. Apparently, nobody told Corinthians:

Because of news reports this morning of an agreement between Corinthians and the striker Carlos Tevez, president Andres Sanchez is keen to clarify that Manchester City has not accepted Corinthians' offer for the player.

In fact, the club (City) sent a counter-proposal, which, due to the time difference, has only just reached the Corinthians board this morning. In the counter-proposal, the Premier League club asks for changes in the form of payment and also in the total value of the transaction.

Finally, the president Andres Sanchez advises that there is no concrete agreement with Tevez at this time and the counter-proposal will be analysed by him and the board.

Because we were really really keen on finding a way to make this transfer seem even more shady than it already did. City have not agreed with Corinthians on Tevez's price, but they have set it. Maybe that's what Mancini meant? This whole thing just keeps getting stranger and stranger


Sergio Aguero To Leave Atletico This Week, Probably Manchester City-Bound After Carlos Tevez Departure

With Carlos Tevez's departure looking like a foregone conclusion at this point, the rumour mill is turning to the fallout of Manchester City's talisman escaping to Corinthians. Word is that Roberto Mancini will use his 39M windfall to make a run at Atletico Madrid and Argentina striker Sergio Aguero, and the comments coming out of Aguero's camp don't exactly cast doubt on that particular rumour, with his agent saying that a move will be decided within the week:

[Aguero] wanted the Copa America to end to sit down and talk. During this week everything will be settled. Aguero has made a lot of important things for Atletico. He renewed his contract when he was one year away from becoming a free agent, he has played over 200 matches, he spent two years without vacations

He is thankful to the fans and to the club's board. We have been talking about this for two months.I talk to the club's chiefs on a daily basis, and if it was hard for them to accept at the beginning, they have assumed it and there are no problems. He wants his career to grow, this has nothing to do with the money.

He doesn't mention Manchester City by name, but they're one of the few big clubs with the need and means to sign an expensive, elite striker. Nothing is guaranteed, of course, but this is one rumour which looks like it will pan out, and fast. It'll be strange seeing City play without Tevez, but it certainly seems like a good bit of business if they can get Aguero on lower wages than what they were paying Tevez.


Carlos Tevez Corinthians-Bound As Manchester City Agree Transfer Fee

This whole thing feels like a rather silly joke. When Corinthians first bid for Carlos Tevez, it was met with raised eyebrows rather than any sort of genuine emotion. There was absolutely no way the club had the money for the transfer fee or the sort of wage structure that could accommodate a genuine superstar, said most of the world. Manchester City, meanwhile, said that£ 35M was too low. The bid would have to be improved.

Well, now the bid has been improved, and to make a weird situation even crazier, City have only gone and accepted Corinthians' new offer:

Mancini says fee has been agreed with Corinthians for Tevezless than a minute ago via Ovi by Nokia Favorite Retweet Reply

The fee is reported to be in the region of £39M, and although the money involved still doesn't pass the smell test it's not as though the Manchester Evening news is particularly prone to flat out making things up. This sounds like it's actually happening. Bizarre.

Of course, a move like this doesn't happen without a corresponding counter-move, and there's a very strong rumour flying around that Atletico Madrid striker Sergio 'Kun' Aguero will be headed to City to replace their departed captain. If the transfer fees are equivalent, City have probably gotten themselves an excellent deal. Aguero is close to Tevez's level, younger, and should command far less in terms of wages.

We'll have more on the situation as it develops/becomes less obviously insane.


Corinthians Might Be Involved With The Mafia, Kia Joorabchian, Or Arthur Andersen

Earlier today, reports surfaced that Corinthians, the Brazilian giants whom Carlos Tevez once played for, made a £35 million bid to bring the player back to Brazil from Manchester City. It all sounded like a fair bit of nonsense at the time, except Corinthians have confirmed that the bid was real. Manchester City received said bid and they rejected it. They said they want £50 million, and they mean it.

So, this brings up a few questions. First of all, what kind of club rejects a £35 million bid for a player who doesn't want to play for them anymore? Answer: One who has enough money to buy the entire city of Manchester if they feel like it. Okay, that was an easy one. How about a harder question: Where in the blue hell did Corinthians get £35 million?

According to "ESPN Soccernet's source in Brazil," they're making that money through legitimate business enterprises. Just look at the reported numbers on their television and shirt sponsorship deals.

"They mean business, they have the funds, they have a €55 million TV deal, a €26 million sponsorship deal, which is the fourth largest in the world, and they are building a new stadium which will open in 2013 holding 68,000, which will stage the opening ceremony for the World Cup." 

I know Brazil has one of the fastest growing economies in the world and that their booming middle class likes to spend money on things like football shirts, but good lord! Does anyone believe this for a minute? I don't say this as a hater or someone who is ignorant about football in South America. As a regular viewer of Copa Libertadores and the Brasileiro, as well as a regular reader of writing on South American and Brazilian football, I'm well aware that it's getting better all the time.

It's not this good, though. It just isn't. This is Real Madrid or Bayern Munich kind of money. You know, the biggest clubs in the world. Clubs who have domestic fanbases the same size as that of Corinthians, and international fanbases that dwarf Corinthians. They play in the UEFA Champions League. They're on TV in every country in the world that has TV.

I'm not about to sit here and accuse Corinthians of any serious wrong-doing, but anyone who doesn't think shady accounting, third party ownership, or a gigantic loan is involved in this Tevez bid is a fool. Corinthians does not have £35 million. They don't. I'm certain of it. Say it with me.

Corinthians does not have thirty-five million pounds.


Corinthians Reportedly Bid £35 Million For Manchester City Striker Carlos Tevez

For a few days, rumors have been making the rounds that Corinthians, the Brazilian club who broke their transfer record by bringing in Carlos Tevez from Boca Juniors in 2004, is prepared to break it again to bring him back. It's easy to dismiss the rags, but it's not easy to dismiss the mainstream media. It now seems as though Tevez actually was the subject of a £35 million bid from Corinthians, who are looking to purchase the disgruntled star from Manchester City.

City maintain that £50 million is the minimum price for Tevez, but a bid from Corinthians may cause them to re-consider that stance. It makes sense that City would want to demand that kind of coin from a European rival, but if he goes to Corinthians, he will have no chance of hurting City competitively for a couple of seasons. Additionally, though the fee City paid for Tevez is not known, they would probably be in the general vicinity of breaking even if they sold him for £35 million. 

There's something mildly fishy about this bid, though. Yes, Brazilian football is getting better every year, but Corinthians are still not a club that has £35 million lying around in a bank somewhere. If they make this deal, they're likely getting a loan based on expected future income or getting some sponsors to pony up a good chunk of the cash. Or Kia Joorabchian is buying a portion of Tevez's rights again.

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