Bob Bradley Should Have Interesting Options

A day later and the office is cleared out for Bob Bradley. The sweats should be all packed up and all mementos are tucked away in some box. Time for Bradley to move on.

But just where will Bradley land when he feels the time is right? Last time around when the USSF let go their national team manager, it didn't take Bruce Arena long to find a job. Same should be said for Bradley. He'll have plenty of options in Major League Soccer and possibly overseas. 

Below are some possible landing spots for Bradley. 

Chicago Fire (currently 2-6-12, 18 points, tied for last place in Eastern Conference)

While Frank Klopas has made some changes to his roster in recent weeks, he's still the interim boss and it doesn't seem like that tag is getting removed anytime soon. Bradley had some of his best coaching days in Chicago back when the team was in it's early years of being a club. He won a MLS Cup and an US Open Cup while in the Windy City. Going back shouldn't be a big deal for either side as fans would welcome him in with open arms and the players would probably enjoy playing for a coach who has success on the big stage.

Bradley would have to go through a tough finish to the season that would likely see the Fire miss the playoffs. He would be able to see the re-tooling of the roster and would likely do well at drafting players to fit his style of play. The Fire have done well in recent years in the SuperDraft and with Bradley in charge they should only get better. The big question would be whether or not he could bring in the right players to turn this club around for good.

Vancouver Whitecaps (currently 2-10-9, 15 points, last place in Western Conference)

Another team in MLS with an interim boss in charge. There's no word yet on how long Tom Soehn is willing to stay in charge of the Whitecaps or if he even wants to let go of the position at this point. It's not like the Whitecaps have improved dramatically since he became the interim boss. 

Bradley would be a big improvement though in Vancouver and would probably do well at getting the Whitecaps out of the expansion funk that they've been in in their inaugural season. Who better than someone that won a MLS Cup with an expansion team right? 

New York Red Bulls (currently 6-5-12, 30 points, third place in Eastern Conference)

Would Bradley ever go back to New York? Its certainly possible given the way things go in New York. While Hans Backe has done a solid job over the last year and a half of changing the culture of the club, he hasn't exactly got the very most out of this talented team. Bradley never had Designated Players to use in his time in MLS and would likely love to have someone like Thierry Henry leading the way. 

It would take a good bit to get Backe out of the position though. Should the Red Bulls crash out and fail to get to a MLS Cup this season it could pave the way for a New York return for Bradley.

Toronto FC (currently 3-11-9, 18 points, tied for last place in Eastern Conference)

In a way this one is a long shot at best but given the large amount of coaching turnover at Toronto, it wouldn't be unthinkable to see him get mentioned for the job here should Aron Winter crash out at the end of the year. Just judging by all the moves WInter and his staff have made in recent weeks may lead to a dismissal or at least Winter stepping down from the coaching chair to hire someone else to take over. 

Somewhere in Europe

In a way this is his best option. While no one out there is mentioning his name for a coaching job right now, it would be a good landing spot for Bradley. It seems like that is his next step really anyways. Going overseas and taking his brand of soccer with him. The US has longed for a coach to have even marginal success with a club in Europe and Bradley would be the guy to do it. 

Where in Europe lies the biggest question though. Possibly at a lower-tier team in Germany or Belgium? Maybe go the route that so many young Americans do to start off in Europe by going to Sweden, Denmark or Norway? 

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