UEFA Euro 2012 Qualifying: Why Not Just Hand The Trophy To Germany Already?

Coach Heiner Brand of Germany looks on during the Euro 2012 qualifier match between Germany and Lithuania (Photo by Friedemann Vogel/Bongarts/Getty Images)

A host of very important Euro 2012 qualifying matches are happening today. In turn, we at SB Nation Soccer will let you know what happened -- so you don't have to actually watch!

Oh no, it's an international break! I'll give you all a moment while you cry into your hankies. Now suck it up, realize you can live without watching your beloved club for one weekend, and tune into Euro 2012 qualifying. Collective consensus is that Germany are going to win this thing, but it'd be no fun if they didn't have a few souls to squish on the way, so let's have a review of the group standings, and the action that's going on today.

Group A

Germany leads the group with a whopping 21 points, having won all seven of their matches thus far. Belgium and Turkey will fight for second place.

Today's Matches:

Azerbaijan - Belgium (18:00 CET, 12:00 ET)

Turkey - Kazakhstan (19:00 CET, 13:00 ET)

Germany - Austria (20:45 CET, 14:45 ET)

Group B

Group B is almost shockingly close, in fact, way too close for comfort from the perspective of a Slovakia supporter. Russia, Ireland, and Slovakia all have 13 points, and poor little Andorra has exactly zero.

Today's Matches:

Russia - Macedonia (18:00 CET, 12:00 ET)

Andorra - Armenia (18:00 CET, 12:00 ET)

Republic of Ireland - Slovakia (20:45 CET, 14:45 ET)

Group C

Not a lot of surprise in this group. Italy lead with 16 points, and while Serbia could be making things more challenging, the behavior of their fans caused an automatic win for the azzurri back in October. Instead it's Slovenia in second place.

Today's Matches:

Northern Ireland - Serbia (20:45 CET, 14:45 ET)

Slovenia - Estonia (20:45 CET, 14:45 ET)

Faroe Islands - Italy (20:45 CET, 14:45 ET)

Group D

Despite looking better than they did at the World Cup last year (not that that's particularly difficult), France only lead Group D by one point, followed by Belarus and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Luxembourg has a point, though. Well done.

Today's Matches:

Belarus - Bosnia and Herzegovina (19:30 CET, 13:30 ET)

Luxembourg - Romania (19:30 CET, 13:30 ET)

Albania - France (21:00 CET, 15:00 ET)

Group E

The Netherlands remain perfect in their group, with 18 points from six matches. Sweden and Hungary are stuck fighting it out for second (literally, in today's match), while the rest surely just want to go home and forget about qualification.

Today's Matches:

Finland - Moldova (17:30 CET, 11:30 ET)

Hungary - Sweden (19:45 CET, 11:45 ET)

Netherlands - San Marino (20:30 CET, 12:30 ET)

Group F

Oh hey, this group already kicked off. It's another close one, with Greece, at 14 points, just barely edging Croatia and Israel, who have 13.

Today's Matches:

Israel - Greece (15:00 CET, 9:00 ET)

Georgia - Latvia (19:00 CET, 15:00 ET)

Malta - Croatia (19:00 CET, 15:00 ET)

Group G

What do you mean, England only lead the group on goal difference? They invented the game! Qualification should be assured! But no, that pesky start-up Montenegro are even, with 11 points. But with Switzerland and Bulgaria both sitting on five points, it seems likely this group's already decided.

Today's Matches:

Bulgaria - England (20:15 CET, 14:15 ET)

Wales - Montenegro (20:45 CET, 14:45 ET)

Group H

Well this is a fun group. Portugal, Denmark, and Norway are all even on ten points. Of course, none of these teams play each other today, which makes things infinitely more boring.

Today's Matches:

Norway - Iceland (20:00 CET, 14:00 ET)

Cyprus - Portugal (20:45 CET, 14:45 ET)

Group I

Another group with a perfect team: Spain have 15 points from five matches. The Czech Republic is the only side anywhere near that, with 9 points. Yawn. And look at the match today. Double yawn.

Today's Match:

Lithuania - Liechtenstein (17:00 CET, 11:00 ET)

Tomorrow's Match:

Scotland - Czech Republic (16:00 CET, 10:00 ET)

SB Nation Soccer will be back with some live coverage and updates on ... well, on whichever of these matches looks most compelling, or that Fox Soccer Online decides to show us.

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