MLS Power Rankings, Week 26: It's Going To Start Getting Lonely On Top

CARSON, CA - SEPTEMBER 17: Mike Magee #18 of the Los Angeles Galaxy celebrates his second goal of the game in the second half with teammate Bryan Jordan #27 against the Vancouver Whitecaps during the MLS match at The Home Depot Center on September 17, 2011 in Carson, California. The Galaxy defeated the Whitecaps 3-0. (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)

Sooner than later, the LA Galaxy appear destined to be sitting atop SB Nation's MLS Power Rankings all by themselves.

As we currently sit, SB Nation's MLS Power Rankings make it look like a pretty wide open race for league supremacy. Sure, the Los Angeles Galaxy are the only unanimous team in Tier 1, but the Seattle Sounders and Real Salt Lake are still polling at at least 95 percent. 

Don't let that fool you, though. The Galaxy are currently leading the Supporters' Shield race by seven points and if they win this week, they'll be seven points up with just four matches left to play. You don't need to be a math major to know it's going to be next to impossible to catch them at that point.

If the Galaxy do win, expect support for the other teams to start falling off considerably. While this ranking system is not literally tied to the standings, the title of our tiers does kind of imply they are and many of our voters take it that way. From here on out, the most interesting rankings will probably be farther down.

Playing For The Shield

Los Angeles Galaxy

100% (63 out of 63 points)

Seattle Sounders

96% (61 out of 63 points)

Real Salt Lake

95% (60 out of 63 points)

FC Dallas

84% (53 out of 63 points)

FC Dallas is one vote away from falling out of Tier 1, and it's hard to argue they belong there anymore. Their lack of depth has slowly started to come back to bite them, as CONCACAF Champions League play seems to have taken a significant toll on their regular-season performance. Losing at home to the New York Red Bulls was just the latest sign of distress.

Enjoy The Playoffs

Sporting Kansas City

71% (45 out of 63 points)

Colorado Rapids

63% (40 out of 63 points)

Columbus Crew

63% (40 out of 63 points)

Philadelphia Union

63% (40 out of 63 points)

Well, isn't this a motley crew of teams no one really likes? OK, that's probably a little unfair. Sporting Kansas City has rightly earned plaudits for salvaging their season after a disastrous start, but the rest of the these teams don't have any excuses for their relative performances. Just consider that every team in Tier 2 would have missed the 2010 playoffs with their current PPM's.

Still Something To Prove

DC United

46% (29 out of 63 points)

Houston Dynamo

39% (25 out of 63 points)

New York Red Bulls

39% (25 out of 63 points)

Portland Timbers

33% (21 out of 63 points)

Amazingly, all four of these teams are very much in the running to make the playoffs. On any given day over the past few weeks, everyone of these teams has been in playoff position, but none of them seem capable of carving out a solid position there. Even crazier? Three of these teams are still in the running to grab the East's No. 1 seed in the playoffs.

At Least There's No Relegation

Chivas USA

6% (4 out of 63 points)

Chicago Fire

6% (4 out of 63 points)

San Jose Earthquakes

3% (2 out of 63 points)

Toronto FC

3% (2 out of 63 points)

New England Revolution

0% (0 out of 63 points)

Vancouver Whitecaps

0% (0 out of 63 points)


For my money, Toronto FC doesn't really belong here anymore based on their current form. They aren't great, but they've been putting together decent results lately and are at least capable of putting a scare into better teams.

How It Works: Each of the 21 participants puts Major League Soccer's clubs into one of the four tiers. Teams in the top tier get three points. Next tier, two points, then one, then zero. Voters can put as many teams into each tier as they see fit. Though the vote total orders the teams, the clubs are intended to be grouped, not sorted. Although some of the names may indicate otherwise, the point of this is to assess current form and our voters are instructed to place teams in tiers based how those teams will fair in coming weeks.

Who participated: Jeremiah Oshan (SB Nation, soccer); Aaron Campeau (SB Nation, soccer); Ryan Rosenblatt (SB Nation, soccer); Drew Epperley (SB Nation, soccer); Jason Anderson (SB Nation, soccer); Steve Davis (Daily Soccer Fix); Martin Shatzer (Black and Red United); Scott Kessler (Brotherly Game); Zach Woosley (Dynamo Theory); Denzel Eslinger (RSL Soapbox); Robert Jonas (Quake, Rattle and Goal); Daniel Robertson (Big D Soccer); Dave Clark (Sounder at Heart); Duncan Fletcher (Waking the Red), Steve Stoehr (The Bent Musket); Tweed Thornton (Hot Time in Old Town), Ben Schneider (Once a Metro); Josie Bekcer (LAG Confidential);  Alicia Ratterree (The Goat Parade); Brenton Walters (The Vancouver Whitecaps Offside).

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