Who's the cuddliest Premier League manager of them all?

Have you ever wondered what every Premier League manager would look like as a teddy bear? No, obviously not. But we have, and decided to find out.

Arsene Wenger - Arsenal

Be less worried, Arsene-bear. All that frowning is bad for one's health.

Paul Lambert - Aston Villa

A passive-aggressive note from a heavily depressed and probably drunk Paul Lambeart. At least you're not Alex McLeishbear, Paul!

Roberto di Matteo - Chelsea

Don't you just want to pick him up and give him a big old hug? Keep smiling, Robbie-bear!

David Moyes - Everton

David Moyesbear is confused by all of this frivolousness. "Back to work", says he. "No, don't cuddle me... argh! I wish I wasn't so small, fuzzy and cute!"

Martin Jol - Fulham

"GET OVER HERE AND GIMME A SQUEEZE", says Martin Joler bear

Brendan Rodgers - Liverpool

Bearedan Rodgers does not appreciate the affection of others, no matter how adorable.

Roberto Mancini - Manchester City

Robearto Mancini just can't ditch the scarf. It's part of the look, you see.

Sir Alex Ferguson - Manchester United

Sir Alex Bearguson is lying to you right now.

Alan Pardew - Newcastle United

Alan Pardewbear's milkshake brings all the German girls to the yard.

Chris Hughton - Norwich City

Even in bear form, Norwich City's Chris Hughton is plotting tactics.

Mark Hughes -- Queens Park Rangers

Mark Hughesbear is wondering why he's still here. So are the rest of us.

Brian McDermott - Reading

Brian Mc.Bearmott has fallen and can't get up. Won't someone please help him?

Nigel Adkins - Southampton

Nigel Adkins is almost subear-naturally cute.

Tony Pulis - Stoke City

Tony Pulisbear is loved by few, but feared by all.

Martin O'Neill - Sunderland

Beartin O'Neill feels naked without a tracksuit. And is naked.

Michael Laudrup - Swansea City

Michael Laudrupbear remains one heck of a player.

Andre Villas-Boas - Tottenham Hotspur

Andre Villas-Bearas still can't get away from all that time in blue.

Steve Clarke - West Brom

Steve Clarkebear has been traumatised by this whole experience and just wants to go home.

Sam Allardyce - West Ham United

Sam Allardycebear is very, very hungry. For crosses.

Roberto Martinez - Wigan

I love you Robearto Martinez. I love you so much.

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