Queens Park Rangers vs. Liverpool: Final score 0-3, QPR look awful in the loss

Paul Gilham

Liverpool scored three times in the first half and coasted to an easy victory over the appallingly bad QPR

The Harry Redknapp bump has passed already for Queen Park Rangers and things are still looking very bad after they were smashed at home 3-0 by Liverpool. Luis Suarez scored a brace and Daniel Agger added the third as the Reds did all their damage in the first half.

QPR desperately needed to avoid going down early so it stands to reason their defense allowed Liverpool to take the lead in the 10th minute. Simple build-up from the Reds Jordan Henderson found Luis Suarez who ran around Clint Hill and beat Julio Cesar's out stretched hand to put Liverpool ahead 1-0. Suarez showed plenty of skill on the play but the horrible defending from Hill certainly helped. By the time Hill turned around, Suarez had hit the ball past him, ran around him and scored...or at least it seemed that way.

Suarez added a second in the 16th minute and it all started thanks to a bad header from Clint Hill. After Hill mishit the ball back in to his attacking third, Henderson hit a little flick-on to Suarez in space along the end line allowing the forward to move in to the box. His initial cross was blocked right back on to Suarez's foot and he easily put the ball in the net to put Liverpool up 2-0.

At this point, the home crowd began serenading the players with a stirring rendition of "You're nothing special, we lose every week."

We got an example of the fact that QPR also cannot get a break in the 21st minute. Adel Taarabt's free kick from just outside the Liverpool box was deflected away by Henderson in the wall with his lower arm and hand. The referee was apparently oblivious to the infraction and made no call on the play despite the protestations of various QPR players.

3-0 Liverpool after 28 minutes? Sure why not. Steven Gerrard sent a perfectly placed cross in to the box that was easily headed in to the goal by Daniel Agger. For some reason, QPR's defense decided it would be a good idea to allow the defender to set-up shop right in front of Cesar and then provide a perfectly formed two to three yard cushion of space around him so he'd have enough room to comfortably jump.

The clever songs were gone at this point, replaced by straight boos.

Liverpool should have scored a fourth goal in the 37th minute after some more shambolic defending allowed Gerrard to get a free shot away from 10-yards out. Sadly for Gerrard, the ball deflected and was cleared off the line by the one QPR defender still paying attention.

Djibril Cissé committed a foul in the 38th minute. I only mention it because before that you wouldn't have known he was on the pitch unless you'd read the lineups before kickoff.

There really isn't much to say about the second half other than it was slightly improved for QPR in the sense that they played better and didn't concede any more goals. Of course, they still lost and did more damage to their hopes of avoiding relegation come May.

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