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Lionel Messi injured in Champions League

Barcelona's Lionel Messi was carted off in their Champions League match against Benfica with a left knee injury.

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Messi recovered from injury, to play Sunday

The Barcelona star's injury scare is over -- he will play on Sunday.


Messi in the gym a day after injuring his knee

After suffering the world's scariest knee injury (not that the actual injury was scary, just that it was Messi) yesterday, Barcelona's Lionel Messi worked out in the gym today. Its a good sign that the injury is not serious, but as his teammates trained ahead of their match against Real Betis, his status for the weekend remains in doubt. Which is probably fine.

Messi spoke with the press and said his knee feels much better despite fearing the worst after the initial collision with Benfica goalkeeper Artur Moraes.

"I sincerely thought it was the last ball I would be touching for a long time because of the pain. I tried to go ahead and shoot, but I didn't have the strength"

He also admitted that he feared his career might be in jeopardy as he was carted off the pitch at the end of Barcelona's scoreless draw with Benfica. The official club line is that Messi suffered a bruised left knee.

Head coach Tito Vilanova took some criticism for even playing Messi in what essentially was a meaningless game, but defended his decision saying they had talked about Messi playing 30 minutes and that "he's a player that likes to play".

With no Champions League matches until next year and a sizable lead in La Liga, Barcelona can likely afford to take it slow with Messi.


Messi's injury: Twitter reacts

The developments of Lionel Messi's injury, which turned from career-ending to slight bruise within the space of ten minutes, as chronicled on Twitter.


Barcelona says Messi suffered bruised knee

The initial diagnosis on Lionel Messi's injured left knee is a bruise, which will be further evaluated on Thursday.


Initial reports on Messi injury are promising

There was a collective panic when Lionel Messi went down injured in Barcelona 0-0 Champions League draw with Benfica. The world's best player clutched his knee and was eventually carted off the field, leading most to assume the worst, but the first word out of Barcelona appears to be good.

If true, Messi, Barcelona and the entire world can take a deep breath. Nobody wants to see the superstar hurt and it did not look good when he had to be carted off, but a few weeks on the sidelines is a manageable absence.

Barcelona has never really had to deal with a Messi-less life before. The Argentine constantly defies physics on the ball and he does the same with his health, taking tackles and collisions like they are nothing. He has not missed an extended period of time since 2006, when he was still an up-and-coming player, not an established star.

This is still an early report and Messi has not been evaluated in-depth yet, but it is good news to start.


Messi suffers knee injury

Barcelona's Lionel Messi has gone down with a knee injury late in their Champions League match against Benfica, no report yet on the extent of the injury.

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