Zambia vs. Ivory Coast, 2012 Africa Cup of Nations Final: Penalty Shootout

So, after 120 minutes of scoreless but exciting football, a penalty shootout will decide the winner of the Africa Cup of Nations. It's been an absolutely fantastic tournament, but the drama isn't done yet. The Ivory Coast had looked absolutely unstoppable in their first five matches, while Zambia have had to battle their way to the final - yet it's the latter who've looked more like scoring and who probably deserve to win.

Boubacar Barry and Kennedy Mweene (who took a knock at the end of extra time and looks rather unhappy with life right now) both have a chance to be heroes, and all the pressure is on the kick takers. Who's going to emerge from the shootout as African champions? Let's find out!

First up are the Ivory Coast...

Cheick Tiote SCORES. Mweene sent the wrong way. 1-0 Ivory Coast.

Christopher Katongo SCORES. Slow buildup makes Barry stumble, spot kick fired home. 1-1.

Wilfred Bony SCORES. Great penalty into the top corner. 2-1 Ivory Coast.

Emmanuel Mayuka SCORES. Blasted in, Barry guessed right, but it's hit far too hard to save. 2-2.

Sol Bamba MISSES. The defender gets a second chance though, Mweene was off his line...

Sol Bamba SCORES. First penalty was weak and low, easily saved. The second was hammered straight into the roof of the net. 3-2 Ivory Coast.

Isaac Chansa SCORES. Barry sent wrong way. Great penalties so far. 3-3.

Max Gredal SCORES. Replica of Chansa's penalty. 4-3 Ivory Coast.

Felix Katongo SCORES. Top corner. Brilliant. 4-4, and we're into sudden death now.

Didier Drogba SCORES. He'd already missed a pen today, but this one is much better, fired into the roof of the net. 5-4 Ivory Coast.

Kennedy Mweene SCORES. Barry sent the wrong way and the Zambia goalkeeper rolls it in! 5-5.

Siaka Tiene SCORES. Another beautiful penalty. 6-5 Ivory Coast.

Nathan Sinkala SCORES. Goodness me that's even better than the rest of them. Postage stamp stuff into the top corner. 6-6.

Ya Konan SCORES. Yep, another beauty. 7-6 Ivory Coast.

Crisamba Lungu SCORES. This is the best shootout I've ever seen. 7-7.

Kolo Toure MISSES. Kennedy Mweene dives to his left, saving a weak shot! 7-7.

Rainford Kalaba MISSES. Blasted over the crossbar when the trophy was within arm's grasp! 7-7.

Gervinho MISSES. Looped past Mweene's left post. Awful penalty. 7-7.


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