Premier League 2012, Week 27 Preview And Fixtures: The Race For Europe Heats Up/Cools Down/Stays The Same.

Ryan Giggs of Manchester United celebrates his last minute goal during the Barclays Premier League match between Norwich City and Manchester United. Man United plays Tottenham Hotspur on March 4, 2012. (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)

The games at the top of the table will get most of the headlines, but the tightly packed relegation battle could get a bit clearer over the weekend as well.

Liverpool hosts Arsenal at Anfield and Manchester United travels to White Hart Lane to face Spurs in games that may well have a major impact on the makeup of the top six. Or not! It is literally impossible to say what is going to happen! Unless you're clairvoyant. I'm not though. And my mother will never let me hear the end of it.

Liverpool vs. Arsenal

Saturday, 3/3; 12:45 GMT/7:45 ET

Who even knows anymore, man. I just can't even tell which manager is about to get sacked, who's in crisis, who's in form. It's like, you've got to watch the games or something to find out, you know? It's crazy, man. Not the Premier League I used to know.

Pick: Arsenal, 2-1

Blackburn vs. Aston Villa

Saturday, 3/3; 15:00 GMT/10:00 ET

Somewhere, someone will be watching TV and this game will come on. They won't be able to find the remote, so they'll be stuck watching this. I'm guessing it will be kind of like the climax of Oldboy.

Pick: Draw, 0-0

Manchester City vs. Bolton

Saturday, 3/3; 15:00 GMT/10:00 ET

City have scored a league-high 67 goals. Bolton have allowed a second-worst 54 goals. Whatever the line is, take the over.

Pick: City, 3-0

Queens Park Rangers vs. Everton

Saturday, 3/3; 15:00 GMT/10:00 ET

How's that big investment and busy January transfer window working out for you, QPR? Not so well, it would seem. But at least this one is at home, right? Oh, you've actually been worse there. I see. Well, Everton's beatable right? I mean they-wait, they haven't lost since January 11th?

Hmm. Well, at least Djibril Cisse has cool hair.

Pick: Everton, 2-1

Stoke City vs. Norwich City

Saturday, 3/3; 15:00 GMT/10:00 ET

I think the fable of the Canary in the Kiln* tells us all we need to know about how this one will turn out.

*This may or may not be something I've made up just now.

Pick: Stoke, 3-2

Wigan Athletic vs. Swansea City

Saturday, 3/3; 15:00 GMT/10:00 ET

It's like El Clasico! Just without Ronaldo, Messi, Xavi, Xabi Alonso, well any of the good ones really. But passes! On the ground! All right!

Pick: Swansea, 2-1

Newcastle United vs. Sunderland

Sunday, 3/4; 12:00 GMT/7:00 ET

This is it, finally; make-or-break time for my "Alan Pardew is just an animatronic shell with Martin O'Neill at the controls somewhere around mid-torso" theory.

Pick: Newcastle, 2-1

Fulham vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers

Sunday, 3/4; 14:05 GMT/9:05 ET

I'm sure someone, somewhere is going to be really heavily invested in this game so, you know, good for you. Hope your team wins! (Not really.)

Pick: Fulham, 2-0

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Manchester United

Sunday, 3/4; 16:10 GMT/11:10 ET

This would have been a slightly more intriguing game had Spurs not completely messed the nest against Arsenal last week. Still, while an outside-shot-at-the-title narrative probably would have been more interesting to neutrals, Arsenal and Chelsea fans will be watching quite closely. A Spurs loss would open the door just a crack for both teams to force their way back into third and make Champions League qualification something less than a foregone conclusion for Tottenham. This one hould be an entertaining game, too. Neat!

Pick: Spurs, 2-1

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