Serie A 2012, Week 34: Saturday Keeps Hope Alive For Napoli, Catania

In a league that's usually light on Saturday fixtures, having four matches on Saturday in Serie A is a bit unusual. And with the end of the season just a few weeks away, being forced to wait for Sunday's results is a particularly cruel torture for clubs struggling to gain ground.


Parma 3 - 0 Cagliari

One of the few matches that meant nothing this weekend. Oh, sure, Cagliari could still go down (and if they do, it's certain they'll blame it on not being allowed to play at the Stadio Sant'Elia), but it's more likely both clubs will end up secure in lower mid-table mediocrity. If it weren't for Sebastian Giovinco, no one would give two ticks about this match.

Chievo Verona 0 - 0 Udinese

The Flying Donkeys have managed to worm their way into 9th place with a -10 goal difference. Results like these are the cause -- and also the reason that even Serie A editors decide to devote more attention to Dortmund - Gladbach than this match. Samir Handanović managed to earn a point for Udinese with his heroic penalty saving skills, but the friulani just keep slipping further and further away from a Champions League position.

Catania 2 - 0 Atalanta

Catania put on their usual fun and frenetic display against Atalanta, ending their recent run of disappointing form. Atalanta turned out to be just not quite as threatening without a suspended German Denis -- surprise, surprise -- giving goalkeeper Pietro Terracciano a fairly easy time for his Serie A debut. But this match is really all about the first goal, an absolutely sexy screamer from distance, driven in by Alejandro Gomez.

Napoli 2 - 0 Novara

Speaking of clubs getting themselves back on track, Napoli stepped up to drive yet another nail in Serie B bound Novara's coffin. The partenopei ended their three match losing streak with goals from Edinson Cavani and Paolo Cannavaro, although the hosts really should have scored more. Perhaps they're saving up for next week's visit to Lecce?

And so now it's time to wait, and for these clubs, to hope. Everyone will be wanting a Lecce win over Lazio. Catania, Udinese and Napoli are all in the odd position of hoping Juventus will triumph, giving Roma less opportunity to reach the European positions. And eyes will be on Fiorentina, too, wanting the Viola to pull of another of those magical wins, this time against Inter Milan.

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