Gabriel Farfan Suspended Two Additional Games For Studs Up Tackle

Gabriel Farfan will miss three games for tackle that sparked the ejection and suspension of Union coach Peter Nowak.

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Gabriel Farfan Suspended Three Games For Two-Footed Tackle

Philadelphia Union midfielder Gabriel Farfan was suspended two additional games -- meaning he'll miss three games in total -- for his two-footed, studs-up tackle late in last Saturday's game against Chivas USA, the MLS Disciplinary Committee announced on Friday. Farfan was shown a straight red card for the tackle (video), meaning he was already going to miss this weekend's game.

The tackle sparked an incident that resulted in the ejection of his coach, Peter Nowak, who was suspended two games and fined $5,000 for his involvement. The Union were fined an additional $5,000. Chivas USA coach Robin Fraser was fined $500 and the team was fined $2,500.

"The Committee determined the challenge was reckless and endangered Riley’s safety," MLS said in a statement. "The additional fine is being levied in part for both the egregious nature of the challenge itself as well as for failing to leave the field in an orderly manner."

For more on how this suspension will affect the team, be sure to check out Union blog Brotherly Game.


Peter Nowak Suspended Two Games, Fined $5,000

Philadelphia Union coach Peter Nowak was suspended two games and fined $5,000 for leaving the coach's box in Saturday's win over Chivas USA. The Union were fined an additional $5,000 for the behavior of their players and team staff. Nowak was automatically suspended one game and fined for being ejected in that game.

Chivas USA didn't escape punishment, either. Coach Robin Fraser was fined $500 and Chivas USA was fined $2,500.

The entire incident started when Union midfielder Gabriel Farfan made a dangerous challenge for a loose ball and slid studs up into Chivas USA defender James Riley (video). Farfan was shown a straight red card, the second straight red shown to a Union player in the game.

That prompted Nowak to come onto the field in protest and when players starting pushing one another, Nowak entered the fray. Replays seemed to show Nowak pushing players. Nowak was ejected from the game, which meant he would automatically miss at least one more game. He will not be allowed to be on the sidelines or the tunnel for Saturday's game against the San Jose Earthquakes and the May 5 game against the Seattle Sounders.


Peter Nowak Will Reportedly Be Suspended After Being Ejected

Philadelphia Union coach Peter Nowak will reportedly be suspended after he was ejected from Saturday's game against Chivas USA. Nowak's ejection came after he came onto the field and appeared to shove a couple players following Gabriel Farfan had been ejected for the game for a studs-up tackle.

The report probably shouldn't come as a big surprise as the league has been cracking down in all sorts of areas. To have a coach not only enter the field of play but also get involved with players is a potentially dangerous situation that the league is right to want to curtail.

It should be noted that Chivas USA coach Robin Fraser managed to stay tethered to the sideline despite the fact that it was his player who had been injured on the play.

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