Klinsmann or Klopp: Which Jurgen Is Not Being Honest

Jurgen Klinsmann held a conference call with the media on Friday afternoon after cutting the roster from 27 to 23 for the US Men's National Team upcoming matches against Scotland, Brazil, Canada, Antigua and Barbuda, and Guatemala. The players cut (Graham Zusi, Alfredo Morales, Danny Williams, and Juan Agudelo) are not the reason we're here.

We're here, because Jurgen Klinsmann said something that makes absolutely zero sense to anyone that has ever seen Borussia Dortmund play.

Seth Vertelney, an editor for Goal.com USA, was live tweeting the conference call and dropped this gem straight from the German.


In what planet does this make sense?

I won't act like I'm an expert on Terrence Boyd playing with Dortmund. In fact, nobody has seen him play with the first team. He has scored a ton of goals in the German fourth division with BVB's reserves. He has made Dortmund's bench one time but never made it into the match. He could be a very high quality professional when he gets his opportunity. Who really knows yet.

There is one thing I do know about Boyd. He's a forward. Dortmund had two forwards last season in Robert Lewandowski and Lucas Barrios. Boyd would be the third forward behind them. Mario Götze is not a forward. He has never and will never be the reason that Boyd wasn't or isn't getting playing time at BVB.

Klinsmann must be wrong here. In fact, he has to be wrong here. I'm assuming he misheard Klopp. I'm picturing this conversation going a little bit like this.

Klinsmann: "Hey, Jürgen! It's me. Jürgen."

Klopp: "Who is this? How did you get my number?"

Klinsmann: "It's me, Jürgen! Jürgen Klinsmann!"

Klopp: "Oh. Hello. What can I help you with?"

Klinsmann: "I'm just calling you to check up on one of my players with the United States national team: Terrence Boyd."

Klopp: "Oh, yes. Terrence is a very good prospect for us. Unfortunately he was behind two top class forwards for us this season. Perhaps he goes on a loan next year to get some first team action."

Klinsmann: "So, Robert Lewandowski was excellent for you this season. Yes. He was. There is no doubting that. Who was the other forward? Mario?"

Klopp: "Götze? No, Jürgen. Mario Götze is not a forward. Plus, he missed almost the entire second half of the season. Lewandowski and Lucas Barrios. Both were ahead of Terrence this season. There is no shame there."

Klinsmann: "Okay. I just wanted to be sure I had my reasons right before I spoke with the media here tomorrow. They don't ask too many tough questions."

Klopp: "Well... Goodnight."

Klinsmann: "Alright, Jürgen. Thanks again. Wait. One more time... It was Robert Lewandowski and Mario Götze ahead of..."


Klinsmann: "...Terrence, right? Lewandowski and Götze, right? Hello? Jürgen? Okay. I must be right."

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