Serie A, Week 20 preview and fixtures: A no longer infallible Juventus?

Claudio Villa

Juventus are a lot better than Parma and should probably beat them, but Juventus choked hard last week, while Parma have been pulling wins out of nothing repeatedly. Will the magic continue?

On last week's episode of 'Calcio Insanity', Juventus found a way to lose to 10-man Sampdoria. What wacky antics does the gang have in store this week?!?

Bologna vs. Chievo Verona

Saturday, 6 p.m. local, 12 p.m. ET

Chievo's won four out of their last five, and are suddenly nowhere near a relegation battle. Bologna are very involved in a relegation battle, but have the goal differential of a mid-table team. Generally, one would conclude that a team with Bologna's goal differential and squad will start getting results soon enough, but they allowed two goals by Marco Borriello last week, so they're probably just cursed.

Inter Milan vs. Pescara

Saturday, 8:45 p.m. local, 2:45 p.m. ET

Inter's on again, off again title chase will be on again when they beat Pescara at home by four or five goals. It'll then be off again when they lose 7-5 away to Roma next week.

Torino vs. Siena

Sunday, 12:30 p.m. local, 6:30 a.m. ET

Can Serie A please stop with these early kickoffs? You're not winning market share in China with Torino and Siena, for goodness sake. No one wants to watch this.

Cagliari vs. Genoa

Sunday, 3 p.m. local. 9 a.m. ET

Cagliari have lost six straight and haven't won since Halloween. Genoa have lost to Siena, Sampdoria and Pescara since November. If you're addicted to gambling, take Cagliari to win or draw on the moneyline even though they're a crap team in crap form. You're going to cash in. Trust me. I did science so you know it's legit.

Catania vs. AS Roma

Sunday, 3 p.m. local. 9 a.m. ET

Catania and Roma play a lot of decent football and then ultimately disappoint the hell out of expectant fans, so a game between the two sides should be pretty fun. Expect a whole lot of derpage en route to at least one goal for each team, and likely more. Unrelated: How the hell is Nicola Legrottaglie already 36 years old? Football is a stupid time machine.

Lazio vs. Atalanta

Sunday, 3 p.m. local. 9 a.m. ET

Weird things happen in Serie A and there are no guarantees, but this seems like a pretty predictable match. Atalanta have been horrific in front of goal recently. Lazio are very good at home. A shutout victory seems likely for the home side.

Napoli vs. Palermo

Sunday, 3 p.m. local. 9 a.m. ET

Surprising fact for everyone who just assumed that Napoli was kind of crap at defending: They have the second best defensive record in Serie A. What has the world come to? I want the old Walter Mazzarri back. Anyway, the guy who was responsible for a lot of Napoli's defensive woes in recent years, Salvatore Aronica, plays for Palermo now. He's probably been a minor upgrade for them, because Palermo's defense has been a joke since Simon Kjaer left, and he's not even good anymore.

Expect Edinson Cavani to score an Ovechtrick.

Parma vs. Juventus

Sunday, 3 p.m. local. 9 a.m. ET

This shouldn't be that good of a game in theory, but since Juventus choked hard last week and Parma have been squeaking out miracle wins lately, this one might get fun. If you're a neutral and you don't want Amauri to score the winner, you probably hate football. If you're a Juventino and you felt like punching me in the face after reading that sentence, I am so sorry and I completely understand.

Udinese vs. Fiorentina

Sunday, 3 p.m. local. 9 a.m. ET

Fiorentina's result last week, a loss to Pescara, was just as bizarre as Juve's loss to Sampdoria. If that wasn't the beginning of a trend, this could be the best match of the weekend. Both teams play a fun style of football and are in pretty decent form. Stefan Jovetic and Antonio Di Natale have been two of Serie A's top players yet again this season. If you can only watch one game during the big Sunday slate, pick this one.

Sampdoria vs. AC Milan

Sunday, 8:45 p.m. local, 2:45 p.m. ET

Any game with Stephan El Shaarawy in it is worth watching. Even this one. Also, Enzo Maresca is the opposite of Nicola Legrottaglie for me. I assumed he was 40 years old and barely hanging on. He is 32 and I feel like his career ended six years ago.

Happy Calcio, everyone.

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