Genoa v Catania, final score 0-2: Genoa unable to find a winning formula

Valerio Pennicino

Catania scored early and late, and threatened little in between. But despite Genoa's constant pressure, and Gigi Delneri's attempts to change things up, the home side never looked truly dangerous.

I wish I could tell you it was a heated battle between Genoa and Catania today. I wish I could say it was a noble fight, that both teams put on a brilliant display of football, that Catania's victory was hard-earned. But that would be a lie.

Catania scored in the 4th minute, when Gonzalo Bergessio collected the ball from Alejandro Gómez and slotted it into the bottom right corner. Then, four minutes before the end of the match, the visitors did it again. In typical Catania style, they raced up the pitch. The pass from Mariano Izco found Pablo Barrientos on the right, and Pitu sent in a lovely shot, straight through the Genoa defense and past Sebastien Frey.

In the 82+ minutes between the two goals, the sides played out what could have been an interesting match, except it seemed Genoa were unaware of the effects of spacial thinking, perspective and gravity. The home side had 16 shots, but only four of those were on target. Marco Borriello was involved in a majority of the attempts, but barely any needed rescuing, as they veered off target or went high.

Although Ciro Immobile had two shots blocked, the youngster wasn't at his best in this match, failing to make any real impact. Luigi Delneri took him out with 20 minutes left, giving Enis Nadarević, signed from Varese, his Serie A debut. Despite using all three subs by the 70th minute, Genoa just couldn't find the right equation. With the rossoblu still mired in the relegation zone, perhaps it's time for Enrico Preziosi to admit defeat.

Genoa: Sebastien Frey; Emiliano Moretti, Thomas Manfredini, Andreas Granqvist, Mario Sampirisi (Marco Rossi '49); Luca Antonelli, Matuzalem, Juraj Kucka, Ruben Olivera (Antonio Floro Flores '57); Ciro Immobile (Enis Nadarevic '70), Marco Borriello

Catania: Mariano Andujar; Ciro Capuano, Nicolás Spolli, Giuseppe Bellusci, Pablo Álvarez; Mario Paglialunga (Marco Biagianti '68), Mariano Izco; Alejandro Gómez (Adrián Ricchiuti '79), Lucas Castro, Pablo Barrientos; Gonzalo Bergessio

Goals: Bergessio '4 (Catania), Barrientos '86 (Catania)



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