Vucetich's ouster marks the climax of Mexico's circus


The FMF did what even the federation's biggest cynics thought impossible: Topped their own stupidity.

Maybe the FMF are just a bunch of petty 16-year-olds.

They twice chased Victor Manuel Vucetich, hoping one of Mexico's best managers would take the reigns of El Tri, but both times he turned them down. He was happy managing in Liga MX, and with Monterrey consistently contending for trophies, he had good reason to stay put.

But a dry spell resulted in Vucetich's ouster at Monterrey and with Mexico in disarray after the failures of Jose Manuel "Chepo" de la Torre, he finally agreed to take over the newly-vacant post. He won a match and lost a match, getting El Tri into a playoff, which was the best result possible for a team that has faltered in their first eight Hex matches, yet the FMF still fired him.

Two matches and done. Maybe it was the FMF's payback for twice turning them down.

Now the FMF will turn to Miguel Herrera to qualify them for Brazil, the Club América manager who led the Aguilas to May's Clausura title. Undoubtedly accomplished and with experience managing a slew of players in the Mexico player pool -- Raul Jimenez, Diego Reyes, Francisco "Maza" Rodriguez, Miguel Layun, Juan Carlos Medina and Paul Aguilar all played under him at America -- Herrera should be a fine fit with El Tri. But, he is no Vucetich.

Mexico had a manager who got two teams promoted to the top division at the beginning of his career and has since won the Primera Division five times, Copa Mexico twice and the CONCACAF Champions League three times. At six different clubs.

Mexico had a manager who, with three points from two matches, bettered the El Tri team he took over.

Mexico had a manager who they tried to hire twice before.

And once they finally got him, Mexico fired him. After two matches.

Instead they have chosen a manager whose Clausura title is the only accomplishment to his name. A manager who in three years at Monterrey did not win a single trophy -- five fewer than the man he succeeded, Vucetich.

In the world of Mexican football, there are two managers who stand above the rest: Javier Aguirre and Victor Manuel Vucetich. Normally in their time of need, Mexico would call upon Aguirre, but he is busy working wonders at Espanyol. With him unavailable, they tapped Vucetich, and this time he said yes. He made them better, too. They had one of Mexico's best, and then they fired him.

Vucetich's biggest sin in his two matches at the helm may have been starting Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez. It was that or not winning in Costa Rica, where teams rarely win. Or maybe it was his failure to convince Carlos Vela to rejoin the team. All of those surely cannot measure up against winning at the Azteca for the first time in the Hex or scoring at two times the rate they had before he took over.

This isn't an attack on Herrera, who is the it manager in Mexico right now after the Clausura title and blazing hot start to the Apertura. It's bewilderment at the FMF's complete disregard for the man they canned.

It's as if Mexico forgot that they had Victor Manuel freaking Vucetich.

Put aside the way in which the FMF has treated the Mexico manager position in the last four months, from almost firing Chepo, letting rumors fly that they had replaced him with Tomas Boy, eventually giving him a half-dozen lives, firing him before playing the U.S., hiring an interim manager for a match, Vucetich for two matches and now -- after more than 24 hours of wild speculation and infighting -- appointing Herrera to be their fourth manager in five matches.

Mexico just hired a manager inferior to the man he is replacing. And they did so rashly and without reason.

If anything would ever convince Mexico that the Liga MX owners should not run their football federation, this would be it. But it won't. It will remain a group of people with ulterior motives letting ego, emotion and an assumption that they know far more than they do dictating the future of the national team.

Maybe that group of people just wanted payback because Vucetich turned them down twice. Maybe they are a bunch of petty 16-year-olds. As ridiculous as that sounds, it fits in a situation where little else does.

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