Serie A, Round 10 preview and fixtures: Will something give?

Dino Panato

Inter face a tough match at Atalanta on Tuesday, Fiorentina need to prove themselves against Napoli on Wednesday, and Chievo face the impossible on Thursday.

Serie A never sleeps, with Italy already back in action on Tuesday. It's a week that might make or break some clubs -- or coaches -- with Milan and Lazio still floundering, Fiorentina trying to wiggle into the top spots with a victory over Napoli, and Chievo stuck facing perfect Roma. It's almost enough to make you feel sorry for the Flying Donkeys. Almost.

all Round 10 matches are at 8:45 p.m. local, 3:45 p.m. ET


Atalanta vs. Inter Milan

The nerazzurri pulled off an impressive 4-2 victory over Verona on Saturday, lifting them into fourth, whereas the nerazzurri fell feebly to Sampdoria 1-0, losing their chance to pull themselves into seventh. We can say confidently that the nerazzurri are going to come away with points from this match.


AC Milan vs. Lazio

Milan's match against Parma on Sunday certainly was entertaining, what with Marco Parolo scoring the winner in injury time and all that. But rossoneri supporters probably didn't find it very amusing, and you have to think Max Allegri's time at the club is growing short. Then again, we all thought it was game over for Vladimir Petkovic, and Lazio went ahead and beat Cagliari. So will this match end with one of the coaches hiring a moving service -- or will it finish in a lackluster draw?

Cagliari vs. Bologna

Bologna finally got their first win of the season, defeating Livorno 1-0 courtesy of an early goal from José Ángel Crespo. But expecting the rossoblu to turn it around completely and find another three points against the rossoblu seems a bit too much to ask. Stefano Pioli may have bought himself a bit of time, but he shouldn't go perusing the real estate ads quite yet.

Fiorentina vs. Napoli

This match is the biggest of the week, which means it'll somehow manage to be the least interesting. Both sides ultimately emerged victorious over the weekend, although Fiorentina faced a surprising struggle at Chievo. Napoli looked impressive in the buildup, but couldn't score from open play. If the visitors want to keep their second place spot, certain individuals (ahem Lorenzo Insigne) are going to need to rid themselves of their hero complexes.

Genoa vs. Parma

Who cares who Parma are playing -- who doesn't want to watch Marco Parolo right now?

Hellas Verona vs. Sampdoria

If Andrea Mandorlini didn't have his side relentlessly defending set pieces during training over the past couple days, Verona's brilliant start to the season may soon come to a crashing halt. Sampdoria would sure be grateful, however, as they're finally above Genoa in the table and would like things to stay that way.

Juventus vs. Catania

The Old Lady hosts side struggling against relegation. Yeah, I think we know how this story is gonna end.

Livorno vs. Torino

Livorno's supposedly excellent start to the season now sees them floundering, on the back of four straight losses. The amaranto haven't won since September 15 and, with Torino fighting mad after some questionable calls in their loss to Napoli, it'll be surprising if the hosts take points.

Sassuolo vs. Udinese

Is it strange to think that Sassuolo, still trying to lift themselves out of the bottom three, might be the ones to emerge victorious from this match? The zebrette haven't found the net in their last two matches, despite Roma going down to ten with more than twenty minutes left to play. Yeah, Udinese remain tight at the back, but that's about all that can be said for the struggling side.


AS Roma vs. Chievo Verona

"Flying Donkeys lift themselves from the bottom, handing Roma their first defeat of the season" is about the most unlikely headline you can expect to see on Friday morning. "Giuseppe Sannino sacked as the giallorossi win an incredible ten in a row" is one worth wagering on, however.

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