How to take a corner kick from a pond of likely non-potable water

This video comes from Kazakhstan where a couple players are asked to deal with easily some of the worst conditions for a corner kick the sport of soccer has ever seen.

There are so many things to talk about from this video. I'm currently having to avoid spilling tears on my laptop as I'm crying from laughing so hard.

First things first. Watch.

Alright, let's break this down.

First is the truck and the guy with the hose in the background.

Presumably he's attempting to draw up the water into the truck. There's always a chance the water is his fault and he's actually emptying his truck next to the football pitch, though that's probably not likely. If it was though, I'd be concerned about the cleanliness of the water, I mean, is it potable? What are the bacteria levels?

It's also classic that there's a guy using the hose and another guy standing there supervising. It's nice to know this kind of human behavior isn't limited to construction sites here in America.

Next up the poor players having to deal with this ridiculous situation.

While it's probably just rain water who wants to go wading into an unknown body of water? Forget the insane complexity of having to execute the corner kick, just walking into that is gross.

My favorite part of the entire video is when he drops the ball and it just floats. That was really hysterical for some reason.

I also love how the first player attempts to throw the ball to his teammate but the referee sternly blows his whistle and forces him to retake the corner. I'm imagining the player yelling across the pitch to referee and saying something along the lines of, "Why don't you walk over here and see what I'm dealing with before blowing your damn whistle at me!"

The actual execution of the corner is pretty slick considering the ball was floating in the water.

Finally you just knew some smarty pants would kick the ball right back into that corner.

Thank you Kazakhstan and thank you to 7500 to Holte's Aaron Campeau who brought this to my attention.

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