Everyone has a report about Lionel Messi, but nobody really knows what's happening

David Ramos

It's been an amusing few days watching the media scramble to report, or create depending on your perspective, about the injury and status of Lionel Messi leading up to today's Champions League match.

Lionel Messi has no been cleared by doctors to play against Paris Saint-Germain. Lionel Messi will be in the squad today, but will likely be on the bench. Lionel Messi could start against PSG.

Is your head spinning yet?

In truth only a handful of people have any idea what will happen today with Lionel Messi and Barcelona. Until the official lineups are announced, we'll have no idea in one of the world's best players will be on the bench, starting or in the stands for tonight's Champions League quarterfinal second leg between Barca and PSG.

Here's the one thing we know for sure: he trained with the first team yesterday. Beyond that, we don't know and neither does any other media outlet.

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Tito Vilanova knows. Messi knows. The team likely knows. There are doctors and physios that know as well, but as none of them are talking, we don't know. That's not stopping various media outlets from trumpeting their theories, insider reports, and "facts" about Messi's status.

I understand why it happens, it's a big story because there are plenty of people who don't regularly follow the sport of soccer who will stop down to watch Barcelona and more specifically Messi. If he can't play, it may cause them to lose interest so they're certainly on the Internet searching for any morsel of news pertaining to the Argentine playmaker.

If you're one of those good people who've been desperately searching for info, here's my advice.

Tune in around 2:45pm ET and find out if Lionel Messi is in the squad and if he is in the starting lineup. That's the best advice you'll get all day. If he's not playing I encourage you to stick around, it still should be a great game and a great sporting spectacle.

Oh, one more thing, if Messi isn't on the pitch allow me to suggest you turn your attention to a certain Swedish striker named Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I suspect you won't be disappointed.

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