Paris Saint-Germain vs. Barcelona, 2013 UEFA Champions League: Compare and contrast

Harold Cunningham

The meeting of PSG and Barcelona provide a chance to compare and contrast two clubs who are going about their business in very different ways.

The match-up of Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona in the Champions League has provided an opportunity to watch two clubs with opposite styles of team building face off. While this tie won't determine whether building through a youth system or going the shopping spree route is better, it will at least highlight two drastically different ways of building a modern soccer team.

Our FC Barcelona blog, Barca Blaugranes, takes a look at the similarities and differences between Barcelona and PSG and offer their thoughts on the two different styles that will be on display today in Paris.

The match will highlight other key organizational differences. While Qatari money has found its way to Barca's purse via shirt sponsorship, the Blaugrana are still owned by the fans. Meanwhile, the Qatar Investment Authority owns PSG completely.

While Barcelona are one of the most respected franchises on a worldwide level and on a historical basis, Paris Saint-Germain were not even founded until 1970. They have always felt a bit unfashionable for a city as obsessed with fashion as Paris.

Whichever side is ultimately victories in this tie won't be able to claim that they're way of doing business is better but in the long term we will be able to see which system is more sustainable. Barcelona have proved over the past decade that dedicating time and investing heavily in a youth system can produce excellent results and more importantly, trophies.

The investment heavy system worked for Manchester City last season in the EPL but time will tell if it can bring long term success at the highest levels in Europe. A win for PSG over Barcelona would be a step forward but whether you view that as a positive will remain open to intense debate.

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