FC Kansas City vs. Seattle Reign FC: Final Score 2-0; Seattle eats angry flakes for breakfast

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Seattle Reign could not find a rhythm which cost them the game, allowing FC Kansas City to take advantage and score twice. This was KC's first win and Seattle's first loss.

Seattle's performance was similar to the plot for The Faculty. In the film, the students were influenced by an alien parasite and developed aggressive behavior. Where is Elijah Wood when you need him to save the day and cure the students of this parasite?

Seattle's play was disheveled and Kansas City could not help but beam with glee as they outshined their competition in a 2-0 victory with goals from Sinead Farrelly in the first half and Renae Cuellar in the second.

Seattle maintained possession of the ball early, and when dispossessed a mob of Reign players would be unleashed on whichever FCKC player had the ball. However, FCKC refused to be sucked in to that type of game. They remained calm and played with grace as Seattle Reign was losing control.

Seattle as a whole were scattered around the field, uncoordinated and placing a lot of energy in unnecessary runs. This is in contrast to FCKC who remained level headed and it worked in their favor for in the 13th minute Lauren Cheney was taken down just outside the penalty area. The kick was taken by Cheney and curled through the wall but sailed wide of the left post.

Cuellar had a beautiful opportunity in the 19th minute to place FCKC in the lead as she found the ball but was disposed in the box. Kansas City continued to place pressure in the Reign half, and two minutes later were awarded a free kick from which they scored the opener. Cheney set up the kick from the far left corner and shipped a solid cross into the box which found Farrelly, who put it in the top right hand corner of the net.

In the 25th minute Seattle found an opportunity to equalize but it was dashed by Nicole Barnhart, who made a stunning save from a cross shipped by Fishlock to Keelin Winters who was waiting in the box. Seattle received a corner in the 35th minute when Christine Nairn sent up a ball that was headed down into the net by Kyle. Unfortunately for Seattle, the ball was cleared off the line. During that set piece a collision had occurred between Lauren Sesselmann and Winters. Sesselmann stayed down for nearly two minutes and appeared distraught but limped away from the field and re-entered the match in the 37th minute.

Fishlock took a chance at opening the scoring for Seattle in the 46th minute as she sent a 20 yard strike on goal but it sailed wide of the mark. FCKC couldn't respond swiftly as Seattle kept possession only to give it away seconds later when Cheney was fouled in the 48th minute. She had a beautiful on-target shot which was blocked by Betos. Becky Sauerbrunn pounced on the rebound, but hit the crossbar with her follow-up effort.

Seattle received a free kick after Winters was pushed from behind in the 54th minute. Nairn sent a disappointing low angled strike which missed all the Reign players. In the 57th minute, Winters found herself up top alone in a one-on-two situation but she sent the ball over the crossbar when rushed by Barnhart.

The FCKC lead was threatened in the 62nd minute as Nairn took a corner which was punched out by Barnhart, only to find its way back into the box. It fell to an unattended Kyle, who could not capitalize before Cheney cleared it. The tables turned eight minutes later, when Cuellar extended the FCKC lead. She pounced on a pass and outran Kate Deines to find herself in a one-on-one with Betos. With the Reign keeper stepping off her line, Cuellar placed a perfect low shot past her to make it 2-0.

Overall, Seattle's play was disappointing and they allowed their frustration to cloud their technical abilities. Their star players faded late in the match, while Kansas City's were excellent throughout.

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