This could be an odd edition of the Manchester Derby

Julian Finney

Why certain trends could lead to today's latest edition of the Manchester Derby being a weird one.

Manchester Derbies are always interesting affairs, no matter where the teams are in the table. This final edition of the season might have some of the potential shine off of it thanks to Manchester United's massive advantage over Manchester City as the top of the table, but it's still going to be must see TV for soccer fans.

The good people at Bitter & Blue, our Manchester City blog, have offered up their tean reasons by today's derby will be an odd one. There are many legitimate reasons, backed by interesting facts. For example the fact that United and Robin Van Persie are in a bit of a goal drought at the moment, but I prefer gems like the following that involve Samir Nasri and face punches.

4. Samir Nasri might get punched in the face. He'll probably duck, cause he doesn't like the threat of getting hit in the face. (YOU'RE IN THE WALL NASRI !!!! YOU'RE GOING TO GET HIT!!!). This time it might be by Bobby, if Sami has another off day. I think that at this point, if Mancini stays, Nasri goes. He might leave even if Mancini goes. Nasri had a good match last week, and needs to keep playing at a high level to salvage his reputation. I think he plays today, although I wouldn't be surprised to see him fail, and Milner get another shot at the wing at halftime.

Admittedly today will be tough for City fans if United wins. It would mean their bitter rivals will have all but officially wrapped up the EPL title, along with United doing to the double over City this season. Despite the obvious annoyance and frustration it would cause Bitter & Blue does offer a final reminder that there's reason not to be too upset.

We've made tremendous progress the last few seasons. Let's not get too knee-jerky with how we expect the team to perform. After all, that's what makes United fans so F*&%-ing irritating.

Good advice.

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