Napoli vs Siena, final score 2-1: Big mean Partenopei make Siena's day worse

Mario Carlini / Iguana Press

Genoa's draw with Inter Milan put Siena in Serie B before their match had even kicked off in Naples. Although the robur managed to finally score a goal, Napoli refused to let up, with both Edinson Cavani and Marek Hamsik scoring goals.

Hello, and welcome to another edition of "Pointless Games in Serie A". Even before the whistle blew to start the match, Siena had been relegated. Genoa's goalless draw with Inter kept the rossoblu safe, pushing Siena down in the process. With Napoli having secured second place midweek, they too had nothing to play for.

So Napoli fans weren't too concerned when Edinson Cavani hit the woodwork twice inside three minutes. El Matador had a seven-goal lead on Antonio Di Natale prior to the match, so barring some insanity from Toto, there's no way he wouldn't clinch the capocannoniere. And one little off match wasn't going to bring down the offering price for Cavani.

Then, strangely enough, Siena scored. The goal by Fabrizio Grillo was Siena's first in five matches, and the wing back's first in Serie A. Too little, too late, of course -- and it ended up mattering not one bit in the end. Except to Grillo. He probably was cool with breaking his duck. Particularly in his first (and let's face it, probably last) Serie A match.

Napoli could've been sweethearts and given the robur a little something, soothing their egos a bit. But scoring goals proved to be just too much of a temptation for Cavani. The Uruguayan was lurking by the post, ready to pounce on the rebound from Omar El Kaddouri. Cavani's headed goal was his 28th in Serie A this season, equaling Zlatan Ibrahimovic's tally of last year and exceeding his own by five.

Just after the reader board revealed five minutes of added time, certain individuals had their feeds cut out, on account of the fact that the match had already run ten minutes over and hey, who cared about a draw that had no impact on the table? Well, joke's on those TV directors as Marek Hamsik scored in Mazzarri-Time, courtesy of some lovely buildup play between Lorenzo Insigne, Blerim Dzemaili and Goran Pandev.

But really, Walter -- would it have killed you to let young Josip Radosevic get a few minutes on the pitch? Would it have?

Napoli: Antonio Rosati, Rolando, Paolo Cannavaro, Gianluca Grava (Lorenzo Insigne 57), Pablo Armero, Blerim Dzemaili, Gokhan Inler, Giandomenico Mesto, Omar El Kaddouri (Goran Pandev 78), Emanuele Calaiò (Marek Hamsik 63), Edinson Cavani

Siena: Gianluca Pegolo, Felipe, Christian Terlizzi, Claudio Terzi, Fabrizio Grillo, Francesco Della Rocca, Adrián Calello, Francesco Bolzoni, Roberto Vitiello (Angelo 65), Agra (Ferreira Reginaldo 79), Innocent Emeghara (Michele Paolucci 70)

Goals: Grillo 36 (S); Cavani 73 (N); Marek Hamsik 90 (N)

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