Serie A 2012-2013 season review: Siena fail to leave an impression, fall back to Serie B

Gabriele Maltinti

Siena started the Serie A season with a six point deduction and were never able to overcome the setback. An aging, transient squad and a lack of a real goal-scoring threat for much of the season didn't help matters.

19th; W9 D9 L20
A.C. Siena

Siena should have had an easy enough start to the season, hosting newly-promoted Torino. But before the whistle even blew for kickoff, the robur were already fighting what would ultimately be a losing battle for survival: As punishment for match-fixing, Siena began the season already docked six points. But those extra points still wouldn't have been sufficient. Siena finished a solid eight points outside of safety.

The robur season began with a goalless draw with Torino and changed little as the weeks progressed. Siena scored just 36 league goals in the season and never managed more than three in one match, although they did manage three against both Inter and Lazio. They were scoreless in an impressive fourteen matches. But what really sunk Siena was their end of season form: the side not only lost their last six matches, but managed a goal in just two of those.

Most significant match

Genoa 0-0 Inter Milan (12 May 2013)

Toward the end of the season, with the aforementioned inability to pick up a point or even to score a goal, Siena were crossing their fingers and toes in hopes that Genoa took a tumble. But the rossoblu played it even more cautiously, ending with three goalless draws, including the one with Inter on the penultimate match day. Genoa's point put the robur into Serie B before kickoff at Napoli. Defender Fabrizio Grillo did manage to put Siena ahead in Naples, but by the time Marek Hamsik scored the winner in extra time, the visitors' tears had already dried.

Biggest surprise

Doing the double over Inter

Sure, the rossoneri weren't at their best this season. But it was still a shock when, in the fourth round, Siena beat them at the San Siro -- especially since it was the first robur victory of the season. The return fixture saw Antonio Cassano equalize within a minute of Innocent Emeghara's opener, but Alessio Sestu quickly gave Siena the lead once more, and Alessandro Rosina's penalty sealed the win.

Biggest disappointment

Emanuele Calaiò

The forward broke his leg last March, so it was already questionable whether he'd have a good season with Siena, where he'd been bringing in the goals since 2008. But he managed just four goals in eighteen appearances before heading back to former club Napoli.

What needs changing?

Keeping an eye on match-fixing would be a start. It might also help if Siena weren't so devoted to managers that insist on wearing baseball caps on the touchline.

Who's off in the summer?

Probably the biggest player leaving Siena this summer will be Innocent Emeghara. The forward scored seven goals in seventeen appearances since coming over on loan in January from Lorient. The most likely destination seems to be Sampdoria, although Lazio has been mentioned. However, Emeghara's favorite club is Inter, so perhaps if he could just demonstrate that he's not made of glass, the rossoneri will give him a look.

If Siena could keep one individual...

No one. This side is almost entirely composed of older players and journeymen. Their one spark of hope, Emeghara, has made it clear he's not interested in a permanent deal with a side not playing in the top division. Captain Simone Vergassola has been with the club for ten years, but at age 37, even losing him would not be a heartbreak. Siena simply need to take time in Serie B to build a strong, cohesive side.

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