Some big 'ifs' must be overcome in Kaka-to-Orlando City rumors

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Just because the Orland City coach says Kaka will join his team in 2015 doesn't mean it's going to happen.

Orlando City sure does know how to keep itself in the news cycle. Not only have they managed to keep their flame alive for becoming the next MLS expansion team, but now they seem to be serious about signing none other than Real Madrid and Brazil star Kaka.

As you may have heard, the midfielder paid a visit to Orlando City's training awhile back. That was understandably poo-pooed as a bit far-fetched, as the assumption seems to be that Kaka would only consider coming to MLS if it was to play for the LA Galaxy or in New York.

While that's a pretty bold statement from Heath, there are more than a few major dominoes that would have to fall in order for this to happen. The first is that Kaka is even available in 2015. Even though his current deal with Real Madrid is set to run out by then, this assumes he doesn't go somewhere else in the meantime and sign a new deal.

Let's assume, he's available though and are willing to pay whatever heft price tag he carries. We must also assume that Heath somehow is a major driving point behind this in one way or another. But if Orlando City is a MLS team in 2015 is there any reason to believe Heath will automatically be the manager? As good as the Lions have been during their two USL-Pro seasons, Heath has never managed a team at as high a level as MLS. While he has a pretty solid playing resume, Orlando City is actually the highest level team for which he's managed. Maybe he's the coach in 2015, but that hardly seems to be guaranteed.

Of course, there's the final bit of the puzzle and that's Orlando City even being in MLS by 2015. There's no question they are saying and doing all the right things to make that happen, but until they figure out their stadium situation it's all theoretical. I'm sure MLS would be happy to let them play in the Orange Bowl for a year or two, but there's no way that will be an acceptable indefinite solution.

Last we heard, the state of Florida shot down their funding proposal, which has led to them revising it. Could this all come together in time for a 2015 entry? Sure, and there's even some time.

But this still feels an awful lot like an Orlando City's attempt to stoke the flames, rather than something that should be seen as an explicit promise. But it sure does make for an interesting conversation...

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