Adidas drops four new World Cup away kits for Argentina, Germany, Russia, and Spain

Adidas have decided to color outside the lines a bit for the new World Cup away kits for Germany, Spain, Argentina, and Russia

A few months ago, adidas had announced new home kits for a number of its national teams including Spain, Germany, Russia, and Argentina. The new kits purported to be lighter-weight than kits past, something that adidas had been trending towards for the last few years but has truly ramped up in recent months. The home kits were a step towards the 630 gram kits that the sportswear giant had shown off last May, in London.

The new kits were remarkably light, yet are marketed as extremely durable. The designs were more or less a departure from what these nations had done in the past while maintaining tradition through long-standing colors and styles. Germany, for example, will wear its traditional colors but with them showing in a chevron on the chest in a big block of color. Meanwhile, Spain's home kit has ditched the blue that has featured in previous iterations.

When we saw the new kits in person for the first time back in May, adidas had told us that those designs were somewhat conservative compared to what they planned for the away kits. That day is now upon us with adidas officially announcing the new World Cup away kits for Argentina, Germany, Russia, and Spain.


For la Albiceleste, a navy blue away kit isn't exactly groundbreaking. In fact, it was present in both the 2010 and 2012 away kits for Argentina. This time around, adidas has brought those colors to the fore with a new, subtle hoop design. The change kit sees multiple shades of blue go back-and-forth to form the design. The look is completed by gold and white accents that carry the crest through to the rest of the shirt.



Die Nationalmannschaft have also gone for a hooped design in their new kit, this time alternating red and black blocks. The red stripes feature thin horizontal lines as an added detail that Jürgen Rank, Chief Designer for football apparel at adidas, says are "a strong statement underlining the lifestyle of fashion-conscious young people in Germany, their openness and their unconventional attitude." Perhaps the most striking detail of the new Germany shirt is the rugby-style collar that adds an extra bit of class to an already great-looking top.



The Russians will wear their traditional white away kit in Brazil, but it's the details of this one that make it such an interesting proposition. According to adidas, via a press release:

"The Earth Scientific Monitoring Center took part in the developing process of the kit and delivered unique pictures of Earth, taken from the Russian space satellite 'Electro-L' #1, to adidas.

The outline of the Earth was modified and placed on the t-shirt, now it looks like a light blue semicircle. According to the idea of adidas designers, this image shows same perspective from which Yuri Gagarin (the first man in space) saw Earth in 1961."

The kit features red accents to complete the Russian flag and is "inspired by the achievements of the Soviet cosmonauts in the 1960s."



Finally, we have the cup holders. Spain's new away kit is perhaps the greatest departure from tradition. Over the last two major tournaments (the World Cup 2010 and UEFA Euro 2012, both won by the Spanish, of course), Spain have worn a shade of blue as their away kit. Much like in their 2014 home kit, that color is gone. Instead, Spain will wear black and neon green in Brazil. The kit is mostly black with neon green stripes on the shoulders and a solitary band cutting across the chest. adidas say that the colors were inspired by:

"Meaningful features of the cheerful, alive, bustling, social and colorful Spanish culture. A character that motivates relations and joyful moments to share. A strongly social nature that provides gathering together opportunities, such as the National Football Team recent victories. A colorful and unique culture shared by the new away equipment.

The three neon stripes contrasted with a total black, symbolizes the encouragement of the Spanish followers that will take place on the upcoming summer nights."

All of the new away kits will make their debuts in the buildup to the World Cup as the nations in question have warmup matches to get through first.

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