Noted scoundrel Jack Warner accused of taking 2022 World Cup bribe

Michael Regan

Jack Warner is a bad person. Surprise!

Jack Warner and his family were paid nearly $2 million by a Qatari firm that helped the country win the 2022 World Cupaccording to a report in the Telegraph. Documents reportedly confirm that the former CONCACAF president and FIFA Executive Committee member was paid by Mohamed Bin Hammam, another former FIFA executive committee member who was president of the Asian Football Confederation.

This would be surprising, except it's Jack Warner, who is somewhere between devious and disgusting (any more accurate adjectives for him would require language not suitable for children). And he's dealing with FIFA and Qatar, whose list of indecencies would kill a rainforest.

You see, Warner has made a habit of breaking laws, rules and general decency.

He is the same man who brokered a deal between the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation and the players to split the 2006 World Cup profits equally, but after the tournament, claimed they had not brought in much money so the players were paid a pittance. The government later revealed that the TTFF had made nearly 10 times what they claimed and courts also ruled in favor of the players, but despite being owed as much as $20 million, the players still struggled to get the TTFF -- still advised and, to a degree, run by Warner -- to pay.

He is the same man who broke FIFA rules, as reported by the Daily Mail, by selling tickets on the black market for more than $1 million. And because he supported Sepp Blatter's multiple re-elections as FIFA president, he was not expelled from FIFA as others were. In fact, despite repeated reminders from FIFA, he did not pay the full $1 million he was fined for his ticket selling scheme.

He is the same man who asked that the Scotland FA not pay the TTFF for a friendly between Scotland and Trinidad and Tobago, but instead asked that they make the check payable to him personally. Former Scotland FA chairman John McBeth said that when he refused, Warner approached other Scotland FA members about doing so.

He is the same man who claimed to have bought World Cup rights for $1 in exchange for supporting Blatter in elections for FIFA president, according to the Guardian.

He is the same man who was given allegedly $6.65 million by FIFA for a football development center in Trinidad and Tobago, but kept the money for himself instead.

He is the same man who the TTFF claims took $730,000 intended for Haiti earthquake relief and placed in his own bank account. The federation, which had since pushed Warner out, says the money was missing for at least two years.

He is the same man who took $462,000 given to Trinidad and Tobago and CONCACAF by the Australia World Cup bid and kept it for himself. The money was supposed to help maintain Marvin Lee Stadium under the premise that it would help the development of football in the region, but Warner decided to make it his money instead.

He is the same man who ditched Blatter for Bin Hammam when the Qatari challenged Blatter for FIFA president in 2011 and was accused of handing out envelopes of cash to voters in exchange for their votes.

He is the same man who resigned from FIFA amid multiple ethics investigations and Bin Hammam is the same man who was banned from FIFA for life.

So now there is documentation that Warner was paid by a company controlled by Bin Hammam as part of Qatar's successful bid to host the 2022 World Cup, as if we didn't know that he was a corrupt scumbag already who would probably refuse to vote before he voted without a bribe.

No shit.

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