Tottenham, Newcastle or Aston Villa? What's next for David Moyes?

Alex Livesey

Now that David Moyes' tempestuous reign at Manchester United is over, we look at where he might re-emerge to rebuild his reputation.

David Moyes has been sacked as Manchester United manager, but his resume still includes over a decade of good work at the helm of Everton. He's almost certainly still held in high regard by most of England's footballing community and would make a great hire for just about anyone near the middle of the table. So where's he headed next? Let's take a look at the possibilities.

Tottenham Hotspur

Why it might happen: It will be interesting to see what kind of an effect the Sherwood experiment has on Daniel Levy. It may just send him running screaming into a safe pair of hands for a consoling cuddle and whilst we have established that David Moyes is far from spectacular, he is certainly safe.

Why it might not happen: What does Moyes really have to offer Spurs? The absolute apex of his achievement in management -- lingering around the Europa positions without ever being able to smash through the glass ceiling and becoming an established top-four side -- is precisely the existence Tottenham seem desperate to get away from.

Verdict: Not unless Sherwood has wounded Levy's ambitions in far more worrying ways than we know.


Why it might happen: If you're a stingy businessman with no regard for joy and desperate for just enough profile at your football club to attract income yet not enough to demand genuine ambition -- or, in other words, Mike Ashley -- then it's easy to see how a man with Moyes' record would appeal.

Why it might not happen: Moyes was about as autonomous as modern managers get at Everton and it seems to be how he likes to work. I'm not sure he'd be willing to accept someone else telling him he has to sign half of France every summer and have his stars sold over his head.

Verdict: Very possible. Much would depend upon how precarious Alan Pardew's current position actually is and how much Moyes' pride has been hurt in the last year.

Aston Villa

Why it might happen: With talk of a summer takeover and Paul Lambert's generally disinterested demeanour, you could certainly see the club pursuing a much-needed change of direction in the coming months. It would be a brave man to bet against that involving a new, higher profile manager.

Why it might not happen: When you're a club in need of an injection of energy and identity, I'm not sure David Moyes is necessarily your man. You may just be swapping one dour Scot with a propensity for percentage football for another.

Verdict: Possible. Likely even, I'd say. Though Moyes will struggle to convince anyone he is cut out for the top now, he has a track record of delivering the kind of progress Villa currently crave.


Why it might happen: Because Arsene Wenger is yet to commit to a new contract and football is crazy.

Why it might not happen: Because Arsenal probably aren't quite crazy enough.

Verdict: Let's say no.


Why it might happen: There have been murmurings about Mauricio Pochettino's future after transforming the Saints into a very slick side to watch and they won't be expecting to hold onto him forever. If they do lose him, Moyes may just be seen as the man to take them the next step of the way up the table.

Why it might not happen: Moyes just doesn't seem a good fit with Southampton, even if they do have their Pochettinos picked this summer. They seem to pride themselves on a certain brand of football at St. Mary's now which the former Manchester United boss just looks ill-equipped to deliver.

Verdict: Unlikely. Southampton seem to embrace a policy of favoring youth and energy, whether it's on the pitch or in the dugout, and Moyes isn't famed for either.


Why it might happen: Very few footballing bromances are as solid as the one that Moyes and Toffees chairman Bill Kenwright share. If the job opened up again and he was available, a reunion is not inconceivable.

Why it might not happen: Everton look to have moved on from Moyes to better things with Roberto Martinez and he doesn't seem the type to jump ship at the first opportunity.

Verdict: No. Just no. Everton fans, we are sorry we even brought it up.


Why it might happen: A year ago there were strong rumours that Moyes was a strong contender for the Schalke job and you could picture him being quite a solid fit with the Bundesliga. It's a league where big jobs can open up often, and Bayer Leverkusen will definitely be hiring this summer. Maybe Moyes will fancy going down the Steve McClaren route of reinvention.

Why it might not happen: Germans are not exactly renowned for embracing failures and the perception of Moyes right now is very different to what it was a year ago. As Eurosport Germany's Tobias Laure said: "Moyes is not seen as winner, which makes it hard to present him as somebody who could offer new hope for a Bundesliga team."

Verdict: You certainly can't rule out an entire league worth of jobs in one go. I'm not sure his reputation is irreparable and it only takes one leap of faith from someone. Why not?

Old Firm

Why it might happen: Scotland is, at best, a two-horse race and that might appeal to a manager who is best known for not winning trophies. The lure of home can never be discarded.

Why it might not happen: Money, ambition and the stigma attached to only winning stuff in Scotland primarily. Seeking solace in the SPL may be seen as the easy way out and that is unlikely to appeal to Moyes' character.

Verdict: Certainly possible, if one of the Glasgow giants believe they can afford him.

International football

Why it might happen: The World Cup is often a watershed for many of the coaches involved and Moyes will be one of the highest profile and obtainable names available. He may just fancy the change of pace and pressure to ease himself back in.

Why it might not happen: Manchester United's global profile may brand him damaged goods for a while yet, and the window for hiring after the World Cup isn't that big.

Verdict: Like with the Bundesliga, it only takes one person to believe in him and offer an opportunity. You definitely can't rule it out.

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