Brendan Rodgers, Jose Mourinho put on a show at their pressers

Clive Brunskill

One of the most important games of the season also produced two of the best pressers of the season. And Brendan Rodgers is cranky.

A Jose Mourinho side went away to arguably the most exciting team in England, played very defensively, and came away with a 2-0 win. It will come as no shock that the press conference quotes from both the Chelsea gaffer and his adversary, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers, were absolute gold.

Rodgers didn't care much for Mourinho's negative tactics, while Mourinho -- as always -- didn't care much for the criticism of his tactics. His team did score two goals, after all.

Shall we start with the master of post-clean sheet victory trolljobs?

Chelsea were noticeably stalling just a few minutes into the game, something that Liverpool didn't take too kindly to. The Blues had to win, after all. A draw did them no good. Why were they wasting time -- obviously a tactic, despite what Mourinho says -- in the first half?

Well, Mou got the last laugh.

I expected better. You really don't feel like saying your tactics caused the error? Unfortunate missed trolling opportunity.

Wait, does that mean he's saying...


A Mou classic after a match like this. It'll get everyone riled up for sure.

He certainly has a point, though even Mourinho can't deny that Chelsea's chief aim in this match was to defend their own goal and take what Liverpool gave them in the other direction, rather than trying to force the issue in the attacking half.

Now let's sit down for storytime with Brendan Rodgers!

Except how to score, but sure.

I can't wait for Liverpool's Champions League Round of 16 tie against Bayern Munich.

This is true. And they probably will win their last two games. It's worth noting that, while this was a big setback for Liverpool, they're still in with an excellent chance to win the title. They didn't lose the title on Sunday.

And yet you let his team score two goals.

Wait, is this a 'coach the hardest style' contest or are they trying to win football matches?

Courage. Bravery. Leadership. Also...two buses parked? YOU CONCEDED TWO GOALS.

Everything possible. Okay.

You have the best player in the league by a mile and Chelsea played a B-team.

I'm no fan of Jose Mourinho -- personally, I can't stand the guy -- but this is a lot of sour grapes from Rodgers. You got outcoached, your first team got outplayed by Chelsea's B-team and you deserved to lose.

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