Pep Guardiola is a celebrating extraordinaire

Nobody celebrates better than Pep. Nobody.

Bayern Munich clinched the Bundesliga title roughly eleventy million weeks ago, but they had to wait until the final day of the season to really celebrate. But when they did, they partied in style.

That was especially true of Pep Guardiola, who won nine major trophies as a player at Barcelona and seven as a manager, so he is a celebrating expert.

It starts with the clothing, and Pep had his sweater game on lock.


He knew to get the trophy involved too, and teamed with fellow celebration veteran Daniel van Buyten to do so.


But where Pep's experience really shines is when he accepts his own beer shower. Just look at the perfect extension and form. They would make this an Olympic event, but Pep would win the gold medal every time.



He dropped the trophy and he knew his perfect game was over. You hate to see that by a veteran.


In his defense, the trophy is a shield and all shield or plate trophies are abominations that need to be burnt. Maybe Pep knew this and did his part to bring an end to a terrible trophy.

Pep Guardiola has re-taken his throne as celebration champion.

Photos: Getty Images

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