Shop girl suspended for calling John Terry a pig

Clive Rose

The girl might have a point.

Here's the thing about John Terry: he's a pig.

You just can't call him that. And you definitely can't do it in front of his wife.

A shop girl at Bentalls was suspended for calling Terry a pig, according to The Sun. The girl apparently greeted Terry and his wife then said to her colleagues, "He’s quite good looking in real life – but he’s a pig." Unfortunately for her, Terry's wife heard and told her husband.

"He was coming towards me and said, ‘I don't appreciate you calling me a pig in front of my wife,'" the girl told The Sun..

"I said, ‘Oh my God,' and I turned into a little child. I said I was really, really sorry."

"Then I just snapped, got defensive and retaliated, saying, ‘You're a disgrace.'"

Ah, taking a page out of Didier Drogba's book. That would normally be a good way to handle things, but Terry has a slight problem: Drogba is a good person and Terry is not. Terry does things like racially abuse other players, and park in handicap spots, and sleep with a teammate's girlfriend, and allegedly disrespect Americans after 9/11.

So the girl was suspended pending an investigation and Bentalls sent a written apology to Terry and his wife. That's tough, but she lived out the dream of anyone who has ever watched Terry exist.

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