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Spain vs. Netherlands, 2014 World Cup: Champions destroyed

What the hell was that? The Netherlands got revenge on Spain, obliterating them, 5-1. SB Nation's 2014 World Cup Bracket'

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The anatomy of Spain's shocking meltdown

Spain didn't just lose to the Netherlands. Spain were annihilated by the Netherlands, an annihilation of such magnitude that it's almost impossible to comprehend.


The Oranje crush Spain

What was pegged as one of the marquee matches of the group stage ended up being a total rout as the Dutch hammered Spain.


Spain's manager is SO SAD

Cue the theme music from The Incredible Hulk.

This man's team is losing 5-1. Feel bad for him.


4-1. Good lord.

So Spain are just getting the absolute piss beaten out of them. Robin van Persie has scored again.



Given that the Netherlands conceded the first goal, this is an all-time great performance. Unbelievable.


Heading into your own foot: Great strategy

What in the hell is going on in this game? The Netherlands lead Spain 3-1, thanks to this bizarre goal by Stefan de Vrij. I've never seen anything like this.


First of all, nice goalkeeping, Iker Casillas! That is not where you are supposed to be at all. Like really, not at all.

Second of all, I commend Stefan de Vrij for inventing a new way to score, which is very difficult in 2014, given that soccer has been played for eleventy billion years. He totally botches the header, nods the ball down into his foot, somehow nudges the ball over the line with his foot without actually making a kicking motion, then crashes into the post and almost concusses himself.

What looked like it was going to be a comfortable Spain win early in the first half has turned into a mauling by the Netherlands, and everyone's pretty stunned by these developments.


van Persie smacks the bar

Spain were almost dead. Robin van Persie was thiiiiiiiiis close to killing them off.


What a strike.


Robben stuns Spain

Spain don't lose leads. They score early, then they pass and pass and pass until the match ends 1-0 ... except for today. Because today is apparently the Netherlands' day.

Sup Arjen Robben?


This, by the way, is the second assist of the day for Daley Blind. He also played the ball for Robin van Persie's absolutely insane header. But, once again, this is more about the finish than the pass. That's just a gorgeous cutback from Robben, and it's hilarious that Spain let it happen. Everyone knows he's going to shoot on his left foot. Why are you biting hard on his right fake?

Also, talk about vindication for Louis van Gaal. His decision to play Robben as a striker has been met with all kinds of skepticism, and for good reason. He's not a versatile striker, nor has he played in the position very often, but this was a striker's goal.


Univision analysis of of Dutch penalty: 'MUUHHHH'

We take it from your kidney-stone-passing sound you don't think that's a foul?


Spain up after winning a penalty

Diego Costa's first World Cup match is going well. He's getting booed mercilessly by the Brazilian fans in the stadium, but he's won a penalty, and Spain lead the Netherlands 1-0 off Xabi Alonso's finish.

The foul by Stefan de Vrij was really, really bad.


The finish was a simple one. It's Xabi's revenge for the karate kick he took four years ago.


And it's really tough to see a way back into this game for the Netherlands. They're struggling to create chances -- though Wesley Sneijder had one excellent one -- and they can't win the ball off Spain. The Spaniards are experts at passing circles around their opponents while they're up 1-0, and it's tough to see this match playing out any differently.

The Netherlands have been playing pretty direct, even though one of their strikers is a winger who isn't that good in the air. They're going to need to change their strategy or put someone else into the game. Kicking the ball at Arjen Robben's head seems ill-advised.


The World Cup is popular in the Netherlands

Good lord.


Spain vs. Netherlands: Lineups

Lineups are out for one of the marquee matches of the group stages.


How to watch Spain vs. Netherlands

The Furia Roja and the Oranje meet in what should be one of the best group stage matches. Here's how to watch on TV and online.


New fan's primer for Spain vs. Netherlands

This match-up of the two finalist from the last World Cup could be one of the best matches of the group stages.


Tight game expected between Spain and Netherlands

The Group B opener is a rerun of the 2010 World Cup final, as Spain face off against the Netherlands.

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