adidas revives adiPower name to keep players cool in Brazil

With just a week to go until the World Cup, the adiPower name is back but this time it has nothing to do with boots.

The adidas adiPower Predator was a phenomenal piece of soccer footwear when it made its debut just ahead of the summer of 2011. It lasted just a year before it was replaced by the Predator Lethal Zones and with it went the adiPower name, at least in football.

One of the main worries of the 2014 World Cup in the years leading up to the tournament has been the issue of the heat and humidity that players from the 32 participating nations will undoubtedly find themselves in. adidas seem to have figured out a way to combat that for the nine teams that will wear the three stripes this summer with a new vest and sleeves that reduces players' body temperatures in the buildup to kick-off to delay the onset of heat-induced fatigue for as long as possible.


The footballers will face a wide variety of conditions in their time at Brazil with the general temperature set to be in the regions of hot to boiling. The new cooling solution will cover the player's chests, shoulders, and upper backs to cool areas that have been specifically identified by adidas' researchers. The vest includes a number of extremely absorbent granule zones that get cold and stay cold to keep players going longer.

The vests are stored in a freezer prior to use and maintain temperatures that are close to freezing for 15-20 minutes. The vests are designed so that the players make no direct contact with ice at all to keep them comfortable despite the very cold temperatures.


Speaking about the new adiPower cooling vests, Dr. Maarten Humperts, Senior Research at adidas said:

"With some match temperatures in Brazil expected to be as warm as 30°c this summer, the adiPower pre-cooling concept will ensure body temperatures stay low and allow the world's best players to perform at their optimum level. Our cutting edge product development reinforces the position of adidas as the global leader of innovation in soccer and the technology of the adiPower pre-cooling vest and sleeves will help adidas players to succeed on the world's greatest soccer stage."

adidas say that the vest has been in development for years, which includes a lot of testing on both amateur and professional players. Much of the testing went on in Brazil and the vest will make its official, on-field debut in the coming days as many of the teams that will play in the World Cup are warming up in the United States.

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