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World Cup 2014 final, Germany vs. Argentina: Die Mannschaft lift their fourth

Lionel Messi and co. didn't have enough for Germany, who downed Argentina in extra time to win 1-0 and lift the World Cup.

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Rihanna holding the World Cup trophy alert

She's the Drake we deserve and also the one we need right now.


Goodbye, World Cup

We loved you very much.


"Show the world you're better than Messi"

That's one way to get a player to score.


Lukas Podolski wins the World Cup of selfies

♫ But first, let me take a selfie. ♫


Argentina's coach screwed up the World Cup final

Sigh, Alejandro Sabella.


World Cup Final player ratings

The 2014 World Cup final proved to be an even game, but there were still heroes and villains aplenty. How did Lionel Messi fare in our ratings system?


Manuel Neuer, Paul Pogba win World Cup awards

More of the FIFA World Cup award winners have been announced.


Leo Messi was the saddest man to receive a trophy

This video is a picture of disappointment.


Lionel Messi wins World Cup Golden Ball

Lionel Messi has been declared the best player of the 2014 World Cup.


Germany win by going back to their roots

When an exciting, young and attractive Germany side failed in 2010, it looked like they might not have to wait long until they won a World Cup. Germany won tonight, but it wasn't that side - this was vintage Deutschland, living up to every stereotype imaginable.


Schweinsteiger and Podolski celebrate with smooch

Awwwww guysssssssss:



This is the German soccer team's Wikipedia page

A few words says it all really.


Messi's sad defining moment

Lionel Messi has had an excellent World Cup. He's been his team's best attacking player and has coped well with injuries to Sergio Aguero and Angel Di Maria, to go along with Gonzalo Higuain's poor form. Argentina's loss to Germany is not his fault, and he should be remembered as having had a solid World Cup.

But he won't be remembered for that. He'll be remembered for this free kick.

Messi had an opportunity to step up and deliver the goal or assist of his life in the 123rd minute. Instead, he hit the ball a mile high and wide of the near post. He couldn't have hit it much worse, and it'll be the defining image of this World Cup for him.


Germany win the World Cup in extra time

Germany won the 2014 World Cup with a goal in extra time


Watch Germany react to winning the World Cup

That's a whole lot of really excited people, and rightfully so.


Mario Götze scores a brilliant goal, 1-0

Germany have been the more aggressive side with the better chances for a while, and they've scored to take the lead on Argentina. Mario Götze is their hero.

Argentina have been brilliant defensively thus far, but it only took one slip-up for Germany to capitalize. And really, they did more than just take advantage of an error here. That's a brilliant run by Andre Schürrle, an even better cross, and Götze's touch and finish were even better than that. It's a goal fit to win a World Cup final.


Basti is bleeding


This happened when he got nailed by Sergio Aguero, who is on a yellow card. Aguero did not get a second yellow for this. That's a missed call.



This was tweeted while the WORLD CUP DAMN FINAL was in extra time.




You missed because you have a rat tail

Cut it off and we will allow you to score.


Extra time is off to a fast start

Germany's not going to waste any time, are they?

That's great stuff from Sergio Romero. And less than a minute into extra time. Glad they're not just playing for penalties.


LeBron James films streaker on pitch at World Cup

"Man that was hilarious."


Germany and Argentina go to extra time

Germany and Argentina have produced plenty of action, but it hasn't resulted in any goals. The back lines and goalkeepers have been absolutely brilliant in this game, and even though the two sides head into extra time tied up at 0-0, it hasn't been boring.

The Germans are especially lucky to be holding on to that clean sheet. Christoph Kramer replaced Sami Khedira due to injury in the first half, then picked up an injury of his own and was replaced by Andre Schürrle, necessitating a move to midfield for Toni Kroos. Argentina had a huge chance early on with Gonzalo Higuain coming up with a massive miss, and he also had a goal called back for offside. Benedikt Höwedes has had Germany's best opportunity, hitting the post in first half stoppage time.

Lionel Messi should have scored early in the second half, but missed a great one-on-one scoring chance, pushing a shot just wide of the far post. Since then, Germany have had most of the ball and have looked more likely to score, but Argentina have defended brilliantly. Javier Mascherano, in particular, has been a monster in midfield.

If you're not up on how this extra time thing works, we explain the rules here.


The World Cup ... in space!

Don't you have important astronauting to do?


Neuer nails Higuain with a flying knee


That's not a foul on anyone, just an unlucky incident. Still, it really doesn't get much more brutal than this. Gonzalo Higuain is playing on. We can only hope he's not playing concussed, as Christoph Kramer did earlier.


Nice! ABC's stunning shot of Christ the Redeemer

Yeah, that's pretty good sun action there, Brazil.

(via @CJZero)


Messi barely misses go-ahead goal

Argentina were six inches away from taking the lead in the World Cup final and Lionel Messi was six inches away from possibly the defining goal of his amazing career. Those stupid six inches.

It's still scoreless early in the second half, but Messi might not get a better chance than that.


Lavezzi off, Aguero on

Here's a surprising substitution. After Ezequiel Lavezzi had a very solid first half, he's been replaced by Sergio Aguero. No injury to Lavezzi has been reported, but it's tough to believe this is a strictly tactical substitution. Aguero has been struggling for fitness recently and is less of a true wide player than Lavezzi.

If Sabella just wanted to get Aguero into the game no matter what, Gonzalo Higuain would have been the man to take off. Instead, Argentina are now very short on width and have a bunch of center forwards in the game.


Germany hit the post in 1st half stoppage time

Germany should have gone ahead of Argentina with the last touch of the ball in the first half, but their best chance of the game ricocheted off the post.

The guy who got up for this header, Benedikt Höwedes, probably shouldn't even be on the pitch after he made a nasty, red card-worthy tackle earlier. But this is a clear, open header, and he should have scored. Thomas Müller being offside when the ball hits off the post and nails him in the midsection is just really unlucky.


Romero makes game's first big save

Sergio Romero was expected to be a liability in goal for Argentina. He isn't.

That's the first big save of this game so far, not counting the one that Romero technically didn't make on an offside call that he knew nothing about. Also worth noting: Andre Schürrle just entered as a substitute for Germany and he's already making a big impact.


Should Höwedes be off?

Germany's getting a bit physical and nasty, and Benedikt Höwedes is a bit lucky to be on the pitch after this hack at Pablo Zabaleta.

Would you have shown him a red card?


Higuain thinks he scored, but nope

Gonzalo Higuain scored! Until he didn't.

You see, he may have put the ball in the net, but he was a yard and a half offside and the assistant's flag went up. He just didn't realize it until he was done celebrating.

Making matters worse, there was no need for Higuain to go offside. He already missed one wide open chance and now this. He's have a horror of a final.


Kramer off injured, Schürrle enters

Germany have been forced into a big change in the World Cup Final, and they didn't even have players available to make a like-for-like switch. Defensive midfielder Christoph Kramer has been substituted with a head injury, with Andre Schürrle replacing him.

Kramer took a shot to the head well before he was substituted, but was allowed to continue the match. He played for around 10 minutes before Joachim Löw made a switch, and based on the blank look on his face when he left the pitch, he had absolutely no business being out there for as long as he was.


Because Kramer was a late replacement for Sami Khedira, who picked up an injury in warm-ups, Löw didn't have a real replacement. Schürrle will play on the wing, while Mesut Özil moves to central attacking midfield and Toni Kroos moves back to central midfield. Kroos is capable of playing in that position, but is not as good defensively as Khedira or Kramer, and his partner Bastian Schweisteiger is on a yellow card.

This is very, very good news for Lionel Messi.



Oh noooooooooo.

Pipita, what are you doing?!? Let's check in with Manu Ginobli.



Germany's Kramer nailed in the face

This look like it hurt a lot, and I'll be stunned if Christoph Kramer doesn't have a broken nose, a concussion, or both.

UPDATE: Kramer left the game and was replaced by Andre Schürrle.

The really bad news for Germany? Kramer was an injury replacement. Sami Khedira was named in the starting XI, but Kramer was put into the team in Khedira's place due to an injury. If they're both hurt, Germany's in serious trouble in midfield.


Kramer replaces Khedira in Germany lineup

UPDATE: Kramer was subbed out of the game after taking a shot to the head and playing for 10 more minutes. Andre Schürrle took his place on the pitch.

Germany have suffered a big blow just minutes before the World Cup final, with star midfielder Sami Khedira picking up a late calf problem.

He's been ruled out of the match, and replaced in the starting lineup by 23-year-old Christoph Kramer, who was only included in their squad as a backup. Now, he's thrust into the biggest game of his entire career.


Argentina is ready for the World Cup final

It appears that fans in Argentina are ready for today's final against Germany.


Germany vs. Argentina: Lineups

Both Germany and Argentina have made no changes to their starting lineups for the World Cup final.


The Hoff is fully prepared for the World Cup Final

The Hoff tells YOU when it's time for the World Cup Final.


Argentina fans have impromptu shopping mall rally

This is a fantastic display of fandom. All other fans in shopping malls, take note.


Brazil fans kept Argentina players up late

There's nothing quite like standing outside your rival's hotel setting off explosives until 4am.


ALL THE CELEBRITIES are at the World Cup

Famous people like sports too! The luxury boxes at the World Cup Final are an incredibly awesome and random set of famous people.


Shakira is the greatest soccer player of our time

By appearing in her third consecutive World Cup Final, Shakira has done something no soccer-playing nation has ever done. May Shakira continue to appear in World Cup Finals forever and ever and ever.


25,000 security guards for the World Cup Final

Beefing up security probably isn't a terrible idea.


Kit history says Germany will beat Argentina

If kit history is any indication, Germany will beat Argentina in the World Cup final.


Bayern mascot cheats, picks Germany to win Cup

Berni is a cheater. He is also wonderful and picked Germany, duh.


Germany to wear white, Argentina in blue for final

We won't see Argentina's blue and white striped shirt in the final.


Sabella to leave Argentina after World Cup

Alejandro Sabella will reportedly leave his post as Argentina coach after Sunday's World Cup final.


How World Cup extra time works

There are no more ties. Here's how the World Cup settles ties.

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