adidas announces pair of new Predator Instinct colorways, teases 14 new versions for 2014

The Predator Instinct boot that adidas launched just before the World Cup is a very, very good piece of hardware.Though it was overshadowed by the F50 adizero and Nike Mercurial at the tournament, the Predator had a respectable month in Brazil. Now, with the club season set to kick off in most of the world, adidas is back with a refreshed colorway and the announcement of 14 new versions of the boot this year.


When the new campaign kicks off at the tail end of this summer, fans can expect to see Arsenal's Mesut Özil, Real Madrid's Ángel di María, and Chelsea's Oscar stepping out in the new, classically-inspired red, white, and black colorway. The latest look is based on the colors that adidas have used to launch each generation of the Predator for years but this one has a slight Champions League twist.


Based on the Battle Pack Predator Instinct with a mostly black body, the hexagonal white spots that ran the length of the boot this summer have been painted a very vibrant, almost orange, red that fades to black as your eyes move from toe to heel. The gold adidas stripes that stood out this summer have been replaced by stark white while the studs at the front of the boot are red as well. The Predator Elements that span the outside of the boot, toe box, and strike zone are translucent and show the boot's pattern clearly.


The boot's insole is bright gold and bears the Champions League logo with the words "the best of the best" stacked underneath it. That bright gold carries onto the outside of the boot, coloring the back set of studs for added effect.


Adidas have also quietly launched a Solar Blue colorway of the boot that features a light blue body with darker blue stripes that cut sharply to black around the middle of the foot. The Solar Blue boot features a pink insole and replaces the gold studs that were on the flagship Infrared boot with that same vibrant pink color.


In addition to the pair of new Predator colorways, adidas have also announced that there will be 14 new versions of the Predator Instinct in 2014 for the boot's 20th anniversary. These include the Tongue and Eyes editions that were unveiled yesterday and will also feature a pack that adidas are calling "Revenge Instinct," which is something that will appeal to long-time fans of the boot.

Revenge Instinct is a heritage set that will see adidas release three Predator boots based on some of the silo's favorite editions. The three boots that will come in the set are based on the original 1994 Predator, the 1998 Predator Accelerator, and the 2002 Predator Mania.

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