Fabio Borini

Liverpool #29 - Forward

  • Born: 03/29/91
  • Age: 23
  • Height:
  • Seasons:

"REALISM!", Gus Preaches To The Converters


Poyet wants to ensure Sunderland fans get real with their expectations for the new season. It's almost as if he doesn't know us at all sometimes, the daft lovable sod.

Sturridge Learning Spanish, Causes Fan Crisis


England may be a 95% monolingual country, but Daniel Sturridge is joining the ranks of those seeking to add an additional language to their skill set. Unfortunately for him, this immediately...

Poyet: Borini Wants To Play For Sunderland


Gus Poyet has been doing that 'Borini update' thing again. You know, that thing which doesn't actually update anything but prevents us all from moving on and getting on with our lives.

Sunderland Still Haven't Given Up on Fabio Borini

Sunderland may have hoped to determine Fabio Borini's future by last Thursday, but with the player still not having made up his mind, they still aren't giving up hope.

Poyet Confident on Borini Deal

Weeks after the clubs apparently agreed on a fee, Fabio Borini's transfer to Sunderland still hasn't happened, but Black Cats boss Gus Poyet remains confident the move will happen.

Poyet: Schrödinger's Transfer Still Ongoing


Will he? Won't he? Might he? He wouldn't, would he? It could still happen, right? He will, surely? May be? Hopefully? Aarrrrgggggghhhhh....

Captain's Blog: Times, They Are A Changin' - Again


Change. For Sunderland it seems change is just the norm. This summer it is no different, but can this change actually, you know, change anything?

Borini's Future to Be Decided by Thursday

After a summer of uncertainty when it comes to Fabio Borini's future, Liverpool, Sunderland, and the two clubs' fans should know where he will spend next season by Thursday.

Rumour Mongering: Borini to Sunderland Back On

Despite Fabio Borini signalling he would remain at Liverpool, rumours suggest Gus Poyet is making one final effort to convince him to move to Sunderland.

Roker Report Meets.... @SAFCMuseum


Those of you that tweet may have noticed that recently a project has begun to try and create a museum to showcase Sunderland memorabilia by Twitter user @SAFCMuseum. We got in touch to have a chat...

All the Daniel Agger Stories Fit to Print


Struggling to keep your Daniel Agger stories straight this week? We're here to help!

Borini Injury Not as Bad as Feared

With a £14M transfer offer on the table, Fabio Borini fell to injury yet again while playing for Liverpool. At least it turns out that this time the injury isn't as bad as first feared.

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