Brazil #0 - Forward

  • Born: 02/17/82
  • Age: 32
  • Height: 1.89m
  • Weight: 86

Poor Adriano

He has finally come clean about his drinking and partying. It was so much worse than I thought In recently published interview with the Brazilian magazine R7, Adriano admitted that it was...

Our story thus far...


Considering the fact that Inter doesn’t have another friendly until the SuperCup in China against Lazio on Saturday – a game that I hope we have the proper mentality to win – I would like to spare...

Finally, the Forwards

Alright. Here we are, at the end of our journey. This post tackles the forwards and our illustrious coach. In addition, I take a quick look at what I think our best and worst games were. I know it...

Inter 1 - 0 Udinese: Blech...


Boy howdy, but that was ugly. But hey, we get three points to bring us nine clear, and that makes everything just peachy. Oh, and grazie, Isla, for the goal. Basically, Inter sat back while...

Udinese - Inter: Nail Biting Time


What: Udinese v InterWhere: Stadio Friuli, UdineWhen: Sunday, April 5, 7pm local time (1pm eastern, 10am pacific)How to Watch: Shown live on Fox Soccer channel or find a stream (MyP2P,, R...

Milan v Lecce


Playing a relegation team is never fun, relegation teams are unpredictable, and the closer to the end of the season the more wild they tend to become. Lecce fit’s fits this bill, second from...

A Few Loose Ends


The international break is almost over and I thought I would tie up a few loose ends before we get back in the swing of things. Dont forget, this Sunday, we are back to work against Udinese...

Adriano Makes A Scary Cake and Other Spurious Gossip


Yep, F.C. Internazionale is a huge, multimillion euro company and this is the cake they got for Adriano's 27th birthday? I dont know what is more shocking - the shabbiness of the cake, or that...

Inter 2 Milan 1, It's Over...


Remove yourself from the game for one second, and take a look at the picture below. With no prior knowledge of the game, no bias towards teams, and no real bias whatsoever, the verdict is easy. A...

Inter 2 - 1 Milan: Whew, That Felt Good


I will do a proper write-up later. Just a few images for now: . . Zanetti looking properly triumphant. . . Is that bliss on Deki's face? I think it might be... . . Big sweaty pile of Inter love...

Sampdoria, Il Ritorno


What: Inter v SampdoriaWhen: Sunday, Jan 25, 8:30pm local time (11:30am pacific, 2:30pm eastern).Where: San Siro, MilanHow to Watch: "live" on Fox Soccer Channel; streaming here or here. This game...

The Nerazzurri v the Nerazzurri


What: Atalanta v InterWhere: Stadio Aleti Azzurri d'Italia, BergamoWhen: Sunday, 3pm local time (6am pacific, 9am eastern)How to Watch: "live" on Fox Soccer Channel; streaming here or here. A...

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