Record: 0 - 0

USA Downs North Korea 1-0 Finishing Olympic Group Play Perfect


Abby Wambach scored in Old Trafford to become the first foreign woman to do so. The USA beat North Korea to complete their group play undefeated. They will now face New Zealand on Friday morning to...

United States Women v North Korea Olympics - Gamethread


Live analysis and reaction to the United States Women's soccer team in their final Group Stage match of the 2012 Olympics.

That Appears To Be The Wrong Korean Flag


Olympics organizers goofed and displayed the wrong flag when introducing the North Korean women's soccer team today before their match in Scotland.

North Korea Claim Lightning Strike Behind Poor Performance Vs. USWNT


North Korea womens' coach Kim Kwang Min has claimed that a lightning strike during training disrupted the team's plans ahead of the Women's World Cup.

UCLA Star Lauren Cheney Leads U.S. to Opening Win in 2011 World Cup


UCLA alum - Lauren Cheney - shines in US soccer team's opening game win against North Korea in 2011 women's world cup.

USA vs. North Korea: Women's World Cup (Alex Morgan!) Gamethread


USA vs. North Korea: Women's World Cup (Alex Morgan!) Gamethread

World Cup 2010 - Robinho helps spark Brazil victory


Whilst Brazil didn't quite hit the heights that people hoped to lift the World Cup from its sluggish start, their 2-1 victory over North Korea did at least provide an illustration of the talents of...

World Cup Oddities: Guerrilla Ads, Fired Pundits, Hired Fans


While some people are trying to put a brave face on some of the less appealing aspects of the World Cup - not a lot of goals, empty seats, the vuvuzelas - I feel it's important to skip over that...

World Cup 2010 - Toure captains Cote d'Ivoire in goalless draw


City captain Kolo Toure led Cote d'Ivoire to a largely predictable goalless draw against Portugal in their opening group game today. Despite plenty of billing, with Brazil also drawn in the group...

North Korea Soccer Roster

# Pos.
Ahn Young-Hak 0 Midfielder
An Chol-Hyok 0 Forward
Anton Jongsma 0 Midfielder
Cha Jong-Hyok 0 Defender
Chol Man Choe 0 Forward
Chol-min Jong 0 Forward
Chol-Min Pak 0 Forward
Chol-Myong Ri 0 Midfielder
Han Jae Ri 0 Midfielder
Han Song-Chol 0 Defender
Hong Yong-Jo 0 Forward
Hung-Ryong Ri 0 Forward
Hyok Chol Ri 0 Forward
Hyok Chol So 0 Defender
Ji Yun-Nam 0 Midfielder
Jong Chol Min 0 Midfielder
Jong Tae-Se 0 Forward
Jun-Il Ri 0 Defender
Kim Chol Ho 0 Defender
Kim Yong-Jun 0 Midfielder
Kuk-Jin Kim 0 Midfielder
Kum Suk Ri 0 Forward
Kum-Chol Choe 0 Forward
Kum-il Kim 0 Forward
Kwang Hyok Ju 0 Forward
Kwang-Chol So 0 Midfielder
Kwang-Hyok Ri 0 Defender
Kwang-ik Jon 0 Defender
Kwang-min Ju 0 Goalkeeper
Kwang-Suk Kim 0 Midfielder
Kyong Chan Paek 0 Defender
Kyong Il II Jang 0 Forward
Kyong-Il Kim 0 Midfielder
Mun In-Guk 0 Midfielder
Myong Chol Hwang 0 Defender
Myong Chol Kim 0 Forward
Myong Dok Ri 0 Goalkeeper
Myong Gil Kim 0 Goalkeeper
Myong Sam Ri 0 Defender
Myong-Guk Ri 0 Goalkeeper
Myong-Won Kim 0 Forward
Nam Song-chol 0 Defender
Pak Chol-Jin 0 Defender
Pak Nam-Chol 0 Midfielder
Pak Song-Kwan 0 Midfielder
Ri Kwang-Chon 0 Defender
Ryang Yong-Gi 0 Midfielder
Se Bok An 0 Forward
Sok Chol Jang 0 Defender
Song-chol Pak 0 Midfielder
Song-Gi Kim 0 Midfielder
Su-Hyok Jong 0 Midfielder
Sun Li Han 0 Midfielder
Sung Chol Sim 0 Goalkeeper
Tong Song Ryu 0 Goalkeeper
Ung Chon Choe 0 Forward
Yong Chol Ri 0 Midfielder
Yong Nam Sin 0 Midfielder
Yong Su Kim 0 Forward
Yong-il Yun 0 Midfielder
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