Record: 0 - 0

Belgium defeats South Korea, wins Group H

Jan Vertonghen's late goal gave 10-man Belgium a 1-0 victory over South Korea.

Belgium vs. South Korea: Lineups

Belgium are in the Round of 16 and look to claim the top spot in Group H against South Korea. Here's how the two teams will line up.

Belgium vs. South Korea: how to watch

Looking for a way to watch the Group H matchup between Belgium and South Korea? We've got you covered.

South Korea need to beat Belgium

South Korea need to pull off an upset and beat Belgium if they're to stand any chance of making the World Cup knockout stages.

World Cup Day #11: Match #2 Roundup - Lunchtime


Jonas continues his culinary cheering journey with a lunchtime stop in South Korea. The cuisine was delightful, but the result favored Algeria.

Algeria down South Korea to clinch historic win

Algeria ran riot against South Korea to leave themselves with a big chance of making the knockout stages.

Van Buyten Solid Again in Belgium's 1-0 Victory

The 38-year-old assists in Belgium's advancement into the knockout stages with a clean sheet in defense

Algeria ring changes for South Korea clash

Algeria ring the changes for their game against South Korea, with Abdelmoumene Djabou coming into the attack and Carl Medjani making a start.

How to watch South Korea vs. Algeria online

We can help you find South Korea and Algeria streaming live on the internet if you won't be near a TV when they play.

How to watch South Korea vs. Algeria

Can either South Korea or Algeria snag a win to take control of their own destiny?

Group H is chaos! Hooray chaos! Day 11 open thread


We wrap up the second round of group stage games today as Group H takes the field.

South Korea Soccer Roster

# Pos.
Bo-Kyung Kim 0 Midfielder
Chi-woo Kim 0 Defender
Chung-Yong Lee 0 Midfielder
Dong-Gook Lee 0 Forward
Du-Ri Cha 0 Defender
Hyung-min Shin 0 Midfielder
Ja-Cheol Gu 0 Midfielder
Jae-Sung Kim 0 Midfielder
Jae-won Hwang 0 Defender
Jung-Hwan Ahn 0 Forward
Jung-Soo Lee 0 Defender
Jung-woo Kim 0 Midfielder
Keun-ho Lee 0 Forward
Ki-hun Yeom 0 Midfielder
Kim Dong Jin 0 Defender
Kim Hyung-Il 0 Defender
Kim Young-Kwang 0 Goalkeeper
Min-Soo Kang 0 Defender
Nam-Il Kim 0 Midfielder
Oh Beom-Seok 0 Defender
Park Chu-Young 0 Forward
Seung-Ryul Lee 0 Forward
Sung-ryong Jung 0 Goalkeeper
Sung-yueng Ki 0 Midfielder
Tae-Hwi Kwak 0 Defender
Won-hee Cho 0 Midfielder
Woon-jae Lee 0 Goalkeeper
Yong-hyung Cho 0 Defender
Young-Pyo Lee 0 Defender
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