Barcelona #11 - Forward
FIFA World Cup

  • Born: 02/05/92
  • Age: 22
  • Height:
  • Weight: 0
  • Seasons:

Neymar's agent: Scolari is "repulsive, ridiculous"

In a quite remarkable tirade, Neymar Jr's agent has laid into Brazil's coach Luiz Felipe Scolari, attacking both his professional record and his personality.

What Will Brazil Do Without Neymar?


Sadly, Neymar is out injured, but Brazil will want to carry on in his absence. Can the hosts advance to the final against a strong German side?

Suárez and Barca's New Focus in Attack


Luis Suárez joins FC Barcelona as Xavi Hernandez's replacement...sort of. The Uruguayan striker will join Messi and Neymar as the team's new holy trinity, based around chaos, not control.

Monday Kicks: Nick DeLeon is All That


Recaps of the weekend for the local team, the national one, and a Michael Ironside sighting!

Zuniga apologizes to Neymar


Juan Zuniga is sorry for the knee that ended Neymar's World Cup.

Official: Neymar Injured, Out of World Cup


It was a hard challenge by Colombia's Zuñiga that probably took Barcelona and Brazil superstar Neymar out of competition

World Cup Daily Digest: July 4th


The World Cup is back and we have all the latest news right here.

World Cup Thread: Round of 16 Day 3


France and Germany hope to continue down the road towards playing one another, but have opponents of their own to dispatch today.

Reconfirming 2010's news: Neymar rejected Chelsea


The kid has a new book out (autobiography at 22?!), in which he sheds some details on his transfer dealings with Chelsea int he summer of 2010.

World Cup Daily Digest: June 24th


Groups A and B concludes as the knockout stage pictures looks even clearer.

Brazil - Croatia: Preview


The World Cup is finally here. Brazil and Croatia will face each other in the first game in the competition, with one madridista at each side.

World Cup Bracketology

Whether you are in a World Cup bracket or draft system there are plenty of ways to increase your interest is by trying to follow sides that are not USA.

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