Rene Krhin

Bologna #4 - Midfielder

  • Height:
  • Weight: 0

Liverpool Academy Update: August 8th Edition

Your weekly Liverpool youth news & notes and discussion thread, including the U21s with something of an oddball finale to their preseason, a new trialist in our midst, and the younger squads...

No New Tale to Tell


Thank goodness the team is going back to work on Monday because these last few weeks have been crashingly boring from and Inter point of view. There has been no first-team movement on the market,...

End of Season Review: Part the Third


Okay, here are the rules: Johonna and I are reviewing the players' performance over this past season. Her comments are in this color. Mine are in regular type. These are the ratings and they are...

Something to Replace the Page that was Here Before


Basically, I am just sick of looking at the page that was here before (no offense, MAD. I just have a short attention span). There is not any one specific issue that needs to be dealt with, but...

Parma v Inter: Second Time's the Charm


Tomorrow Inter are scheduled to make up their snowed-out game with Parma. Dont get your hopes up too high, though, because there is some snow in the forecast for tomorrow night. If the game is...

Inter v Fiorentina: Coppa Italia Semifinal Leg 1


Finally, Inter get to play a game. After having last Sunday's game called for snow, I am more than ready for a little football - even Coppa Italia. It is clear that Mourinho is always interested...

Inter v Livorno: Coppa Italia Time Again


Here we go, the third spoke in our quest for glory has begun again. The Coppa Italia may seem like a bit of a throw away tournament, but I think it is good fun and a great chance for some of our...

Why Foreigners are Important to Serie A


There is a perceived lack of Italians on this team, even though we have several, who apparently don’t count. Supporters of other teams, who like to find a reason to have a go at us, often use the...

Livorno v Inter: Let's Snatch This Chance


As I write this, Juve have just fallen to a resurgent Napoli and we have a golden opportunity to go five clear at the top (or more, depending on the Samp result). I know I always say this, but I...

Inter 2 - Catania 1


The dichotomy that is Inter concluded its 9th league game this past Saturday with an indifferent win. The dichotomy of course is that Inter can dominate so easily on Saturday and Sunday, but have...

Inter 3-3 Lugano

Inter drew 3-3 in their friendly against Lugano today. Not bad when you consider the team was comprised of 5 youth players, 3 second string players, a guy making his Inter debut, and Vieira....

Inter v Bari: Oh, It Is On, It Is Totally On!


What: Inter v BariWhere: San Siro, MilanWhen: Sunday, August 23, 6pm local time (9am pacific, noon eastern).How to Watch: The match will be on Fox Soccer Channel (not live) at 10am pacific, 1pm...

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