Simone Perrotta

AS Roma #0 - Retired

  • Height:
  • Weight: 0

Lamela Lessons


As we countdown the days to the new season, we take a look at the young career of Erik Lamela, which has already seen him ascend to the top of the Roman pecking order. How long before he ascends...

Simone Perrotta to Retire


After a career that spanned nearly 20 years, Roma midfielder Simone Perrotta has decided to call it a career and hang up his boots.

Roma The Suitor: Toby Alderweireld


The rumors have hit a crescendo over the last day or so and if all's correct, Roma has first dibs on Toby Alderweireld. To YouTube.

Palermo need a win against resurgent Roma

The inevitability of relegation has sunk in at Palermo, and even a win at home to Roma will only give the Sicilians a glimmer of hope.

The Winter Wonderlessland


Previewing nothingness.

The Right Stuff


New kid on the block shines. Old guy too.

Back To The Future


So, the football focus of the world is lasered in on Ukraine. (And Poland. Details.) The Roman world is currently revolving fractions and that Borini chap. But soon, oh so soon, it'll be revolving...

Cesena 2 - Roma 3: The End Of The Foreword?


I could sit here and talk nonsense. I won't. I have so little to say quarks no longer have an inferiority complex. The game was splendiferously blase. No emotion, no withering of thy leaf in...

Lecce 4 - Roma 2: Laying An Egg Of The Easter Variety


Lecce 4 - Roma 2 0 The headline would've gone much more smoothly had things settled out nicely at 4-0. But was it anything but a 4-0 loss? Lecce turned off the engine at the hour mark and...

By The Holy Power Of Simone Perrotta's Contract Renewal


Simone's inked through 2013, or age 47. I am of the belief that with a decent pair of finishing boots, Simone Perrotta would've been the best footballer since Jesus - the carpenter, not the...

Awaiting the Austrian Swisses, Italia vs Portugal Preview


* Free Azzurrini fix right here Italia - Portogallo It’s international soccer time again! Italy will be facing Portugal in Zurich on Wednesday. It’ll be their first match since 2004. Both teams...

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