Marco Storari

Juventus #30 - Goalkeeper

  • Born: 07/01/77
  • Age: 37
  • Height:
  • Weight: 0

Juventus 2013-14 Season In Review: The Goalkeepers


Ratings season at BWRAO begins with talk of how awesome Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon is. So basically it's just another day at the office for some of us.

Juventus vs. Cagliari Preview: Time for last call


One last game to talk about and then it's nothing but transfer and Antonio Conte rumors. You better get ready because this place is about to be more ridiculous than Tuttosport on a slow news day. (Just kidding.)

Totti Tuesday: The longing

Painful as it is, a few words about Juve. But also the future, near and far.

Juventus 1 - Roma 0: Initial reaction


Dani Osvaldo entered the field to boos. And he left the field to even more of them. Why? Because his last-second goal was the difference in Juventus' 1-0 win over his former team, Roma, at the Olimpico.

Juventus vs. Avellino Rapid Fire Preview


So here we are. Coppa Italia, Juventus. Juventus, Coppa Italia. Good to see you two get acquainted again. The round of 16 sees newly-promoted Serie B side Avellino come to Juventus Stadium to face Antonio Conte and his cast of characters.

Juventus 2012-13 Season In Review: The Goalkeepers


While the striker position was a revolving door and who started every week seemingly was a guessing game, the same wasn't said about who got the start between the sticks nearly every game for the...

Marco Storari to start in goal against Pescara


Out goes Gigi Buffon with the flu, in comes Marco Storari — Juventus' seldomly used backup goalkeeper — to face bottom feeders Pescara on Saturday.

Gigi Buffon Injury -- Any Implications for Napoli?


Gigi Buffon picked up a thigh strain before Italy's match against Denmark. If he plays, it may affect his ability to start for Juventus against Napoli.

Juventus 2011-12 Season In Review: The Goalkeepers


As many of you remember, the reason why I started rooting for this lovely club that wears Black and White is because of the man who mans their goal, Gianluigi Buffon. A goalkeeper drawn to Juventus...

Napoli 2-0 Juventus: The Wrong Night To Barely Show Up


As we saw over the course of the nine months of this astonishing campaign, Juventus pretty much deserved every result they got. If they played like they deserved a draw, it usually happened. If...

Juventus Vs. Genoa, 2011 Italian Serie A Week 7 Matchup: Old Lady Tries To Stay Top Without Buffon, Vidal

Juventus will be without Gigi Buffon and Arturo Vidal when they host Genoa on Saturday

An Interview with Marco Storari


As many of you may have noticed, I am quite a fan of Marco Storari. (He can't replace San Gigi in my heart, though) The guy wears his heart on his sleeve, is a top underrated keeper, and seems to...

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