Luca Castellazzi

Inter Milan #12 - Goalkeeper

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  • Weight: 0

Mid Week Roundup

Lots of things to discuss this week now that the euphoria of winning the deby is over. Strama was confirmed, sort of. Someone, I can't remember who, had a great idea for a Player of the Season...

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Inter 2 – Cesena 1

There was a lot to like about this game in general. Inter used a lot of young guys in the lineup. Stramaccioni managed to make the nay-sayers look foolish again. He even, somehow did the...

Inter 2 – Siena 1

I really don’t want to make too much of this game other than this: we beat an opponent that we had no business losing to. Does that sound arrogant for a club that can’t seem to break out of...

What To Expect

The club had apparently reached critical mass: poor table standing + too old vets not performing + too young players in house not trusted + uncertainly with what /how much talent is worth what on...

Inter 0 – Bologna 3; You Say You Want A Revolution…


When I look at this team as it stands now, I really see only three problems. They are huge problems, don’t get me wrong, but I only see three. I doubt that they will all be addressed, but I can...

Hey Look, Kids, It's Coppa Time Again!


I would say let's just blow this off, but it could very well be that this will be our only real opportunity for a trophy this season. Plus, you know I never like to back away from a fight. If...

Inter 5 – Parma 0


There are a few issues that incorporate the team, this game and the transfer market this winter, so let’s get right down to it. Goalkeeper Position Score 7.0 Does this seem like a high score to...

Our Story So Far; 2011 Edition


It’s almost like a brand new season starting, only this time we have what we expect to be our coach for the rest of the games. This time we have the majority of the team in country to participate...

Odds and Ends


Normally, I am not given much to fantasy football, but considering the weirdness of the early part of the season, I can’t help but think what I would do if I were in charge of the club. This is...

Inter 1 - Juventus 2


In September, pre-Ranieri, Inter took 1 point from 3 games and looked at a loss. Post-Ranieri Inter has 7 points from 6 games and looks 100x more organized losing to Juve by 1 than it did in...

Atalanta 1 – Inter 1: Strive for Five!


That’s right. It’s now 5 out of 8. Five penalties in eight games and all five of them were questionable at the very least. This time we have a Chivu and a Marilungo playing handsy and then a...

Catania v Inter: Time for a Fresh Start!


Let's not mince words: Inter has had a bad start to this season. What with injuries, new coaches, and generally bad performances, it has already been a looooong season. Luckily, much of the team...

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