Napoli #8 - Midfielder

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Napoli's Co-Ownerships All But Resolved

With co-ownership all but over in Italy, Napoli are working to resolve as many of their co-owned players' situations as possible.

Transfer Review: The Warriors Of Winter

Even after a large overhaul of the roster in the summer, a few more players were needed as the weather turned cold.

Italian Co-Ownership Of Players To Be Abolished

Player co-ownership has been an interesting and frustrating mechanism in Italian football for a long time, but the system will be coming to an end this summer.

Napoli v Verona: So Long & Thanks For All The Fish

The end of the season is upon us, and one more tilt at the San Paolo beckons.

Udinese v. Napoli: Kicking At Zebras

The last five league matches of the season are upon us, and it's kicked off with a deceptively difficult matchup.

Jorginho Wants To Repay Napoli's Faith In Him


The club's newest midfielder is extremely thankful for the opportunity given to him by the club, and wants to do all he can to give back to both Napoli and the fans that have given him their support.

Jorginho Is Already Vital

Jorginho Frello has only been a Napoli player for a month, but he's already become a key part of the squad.

Napoli 1, Lazio 0: Coppa Progress

A hard-to watch match ended in victory for the Partenopei, and came with a revelatory performance from their newest player.

Arrival Profile: Jorginho


Not sure just what Napoli have gotten with the purchase of Jorginho? Look no further, as we break down who and what he is as a player.

Official: Jorginho Signs For Napoli


The transfer of Jorginho from Hellas Verona to Napoli has been finalized.

Muddled In The Middle

In the wake of continuing rumors of Jorginho potentially joining Napoli, more transfer talk involving midfielders has emerged.

Jorginho coming to Naples?


After Napoli beat Verona on Sunday afternoon, rumors of Jorginho coming to Naples are once again getting plenty of attention.

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