Record: 0 - 0

Totti Tuesday: Hollywood


Lights, camera... Team review!

Palermo are back in Serie A

Palermo will be back in Serie A next season after winning Serie B with five games to spare.

Five Bums Inter Has Offloaded To Milan


We take a light-hearted look at five players the Nerazzurri have rid themselves of to their city rivals...

All I Want For Christmas Is Something Silky


What is this? We get to wish for nice things now and it's not entirely unrealistic? When do we find out that dad's been embezzling money and all those Christmas gifts now belong to the government?

The Summer Of 2013


Roma made a number of moves during the summer of 2013, which will go down in oral history with elders speaking of it like it was war fifty years from now. And Roma lost some good men.

Emiliano Viviano joins Arsenal on loan

Italian goalkeeper Emiliano Viviano has joined Arsenal on a season-long loan from Serie B side Palermo.

Viviano looks headed for Arsenal

Emiliano Viviano isn't the big name goalkeeper some Arsenal fans were hoping for, but he is high-quality depth.

Saba's Night Moves: The Finale


It's the final night and day before the transfer deadline. Walter Sabatini is gettin' busy and makin' moves. Maicon's body is ready.

Milan begin season with shocking loss

AC Milan were supposed to be starting this year's Serie A campaign on the right foot, but Luca Toni was on hand to ruin the visitors' party as Hellas Verona earned a 2-1 win.

A Chance Encounter.A Life Altered.A Season Preview


We all have our Roma origination stories. This one is about a hockey player, a chance encounter in Australia, and 50 miles.

Josip Iličić joins Fiorentina

Fiorentina have strengthened their attack even further, today confirming the arrival of playmaker Josip Iličić from Palermo.

The Balzaretti Coefficiency


What if I told you that as Balzaretti goes, so goes Roma. Crazy, right? Perhaps not, an intriguing trend between Federico Balzaretti's performance and Roma's win-loss record emerged last season,...

Palermo Soccer Roster

# Pos.
Mauricio Sperduti 0 Forward
Salvatore Aronica 0 Defender
Maurizio Zamparini 0 Owner
Stefano Sorrentino 1 Goalkeeper
Samir Ujkani 1 Goalkeeper
Luca Di Matteo 3 Midfielder
Mauro Cetto 4 Defender
Edgar Barreto 5 Midfielder
Ezequiel Muñoz 6 Defender
Nicolas Viola 7 Midfielder
Paulo Dybala 9 Forward
Fabrizio Miccoli 10 Forward
Abel Hernández 11 Forward
Nicolás Bertolo 14 Midfielder
Alen Stevanović 14 Midfielder
Milan Milanović 15 Defender
Eran Zahavi 16 Midfielder
Franco Vázquez 17 Midfielder
Carlos Labrín 18 Defender
Egidio Arévalo Ríos 20 Midfielder
Giacomo Brichetto 22 Goalkeeper
Agon Mehmeti 24 Forward
Steve Von Bergen 25 Defender
Ignacio Lores 26 Midfielder
Santiago García 29 Defender
Eros Pisano 31 Defender
Giuseppe Mascara 46 Forward
Michel Morganella 89 Defender
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